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Carbon Frame Re-Painting

By bmar560 - Posted on 21 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I have recently purchased a rather nice 2nd hand carbon road bike but the paints have seen better days especially around the chainstays where the are a few chips.

Anyone know what the ballpark figure is for a good re-paint job and if anyone can recommend a good mob that will that sort of work around the Sydney area ?
I don't need any fancy paint job a single color will probably do me just fine.


I highly recommend Paint my bike!!!

any first hand experiences with Paintmybike ?

I have received a quote for a single colour paint and a matte finish and it's just a bit over $1K, that's more than what I paid for the bike ... Yikes didn't think it will be that expensive/

Yes, that's why I recommended them!!

I used them 2 years ago to spray my Intense M9 in a flo green. Cost $600 but the finish is as good if not better than factory!

Go with the Carbon Bike Doctor.

I used Tristan to do some work on my 6 yr old carbon roadie. Quality work and a nice guy who you can work with to get what you want!

ended up going to the carbon bike doctor and repaired a gouged rear dropout.
Reasonable price and top job, quick too ! dropped it off on Friday and picked it up today.

I will leave the re-painting for now as it's a lot more expensive than I thought it will be.

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