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gazza crash site revisited

By GAZZA - Posted on 08 June 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The kicker on the left was where I took off, where I'm stood is where I was supposed to land. Unfortunately I fell short and kinda, urm, well, upside down! The hour afterwards was the most painful of my life so far until a week of morphine in Canberra hospital made me a little more relaxed and 10 weeks off work gave me a beer gut (or was that the beer?) now I have a right arm that wont straighten, bruised ego and less confidence.

Any advice to new riders out there? Don't listen to idiots like me, go hard and enjoy!

Edit: Ah... the memories...

Gazza's Crash - Give the man some drugs!



re the crash...

Look at the positive least you've got a better bike out of it... Eye-wink


Happiness is a warm shock.

with carbon stickers Eye-wink

Just to scare us "working age folk" how much to you think the accident set you back?

If to personal, don't worry.



10 weeks work he says. Ouch!

Hi Stuart....

You say Gazza's bike has carbon stickers? They must be the new 3D ones from 3M...thought I saw them as part of that CRC order...?

Gazza's Carbon stickers 3D?

Gazza's Carbon stickers?  in 3D...


Happiness is a warm shock.

the same one as on Gary's bike Eye-wink

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