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Shimano Shadow + deraulier failure

By Floydo - Posted on 04 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just cleaning the bike the other day. An found there was know difference with the switch engaged or off.

Looks like the clutch is gone. Can you get the parts to repair it?
Less than 2 years old.

Anyone else had these problems?


Had a similar issue after about 2500km. It is an easy item to fix (see YouTube)but I opted to have the bike shop do it - it will only take them about 10 minutes to do. Can't recall the price but it wont break the bank.

Flip the lever to off, remove the cover then tighten the bolt/screw thingy with a spanner slightly, flip the lever and check to see if the resistance is back to normal, if not flip the lever and tighten some more.

Clean the seal and mating surface and put a smear of grease on it if you have some.

If I'm riding a lot mine only goes about three months before it needs adjusting, the little clutch does a lot of work.

which derailleur is it ?
on my XT the clutch broke on me, you can buy the part from Shimano. If it's still under warranty your LBS can help you get it replaced under warranty.

Haven't had to touch mine since purchase almost 4,000km ago.


3 years and my Saint is still going strong.
Nice to know you can adjust/fix it yourself though.

I had the same problem and it was due to a broken clip inside the clutch. This clips puts pressure on the clamp that retards the movement of the lower arm of the derailleur. This isn't a part that gets wear and tear so for it to fail within the 2 year warranty period means you should get it replaced free. I contacted the retailer and had it replaced.

My 3rd 10 speed XT + clutch on my XC bike died at my last race. Each has lasted about 6-8 months. The other 2 were replaced under warranty. Funny thing is the one on my AM is much older and has never had an issue.

Not sure if you've had different length mechs but I'd assume a short cage would be the least troublesome out of the bunch.

I'm on my second Zee and neither have had an issue with the clutch other than needing a few adjustments. I am running nine speed so I'd guess it would be easier to drop a chain as the chainring is made for 10 speed chains.

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