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Hilarious MTB Rage - Warning: very colourful language used

By staffe - Posted on 07 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

When I saw this I was in stitches from laughing. This Swedish guy has a complete meltdown out in the track. There are english subtitles to capture his outbursts. Don;t know if that works for you english speaking folks.

Anyone offended by colourful language should not watch it. For anyone else, I hope you find it as funny as I did.

Gee this could be a video of me only I don't usually throw the bike away.

Just man, bike, trail and wind thru the trees. This is why we ride.

I like how his mate is pissing himself laughing. That's what mates are for. We're the same the world over. Mycket bra, bra Laughing out loud

Filming a complete emotional breakdown and then posting it on youtube that is what mates are for.

I love it when the dude starts to argue with himself. First blaming the bike then arguing back to himself screaming it is not the bike it is meeeeee!!!

Man 0 , hillside 7, helmet -1, and there was a chicken in there somewhere

I only threw my bike once, and my helmet survived in one piece.

And nobody was filming... I hope.


I chose not to bring any reference to you....
But geez it looked familiar!

can';t see the funny side. I must be a cranky humorless old bugger.

yea he lost the plot.....time to get onto some medication.

I'm with you StanTheMan.

That dude has issues.

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