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New wheel size standard announced

By hawkeye - Posted on 19 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looks like someone is looking to take the rough-ground rolling advantages of bigger wheels to the next level. A '39er' wheel standard has just been proposed.

This image illustrates the difference to a 'standard' 29er:

Steering uses a gears and apparently steering response speed can be tuned by adjusting the gear ratios:

More info here:


Does it come with a clown suit too? Eye-wink


I'd love to give one a go, who knows, It might be working. I suppose advancements in tyre technologies to get those puppies down to sub 900grams is required.

What happened to 36"?

when you need him?Its a bloody double ended penny farthing

on the Southstar shuttle trailer.

Why fore is the saddle on the 39er drawn as set up for a 38" inseam, while bars, reach and cranks are at the same spacing as the 29er? He'll have to CG a suitably stilt legged rider to go along with his CG bike.

Chain & sprockets for steering...

Just think of the KOM's you'll crush with the correct steering ratio!

Wont be long before 36ers come back into fashion and prove 39ers sucked all along

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