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MORE Rotorua videos .. yep More!

By amarkie - Posted on 26 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This was my 4th trip in 2 years to Rotorua but the first time I'd been with anyone else .. well except my bikes.

TBH I was a bit nervous because the crew I was going with were a step up for me. Turns out I held my own .. on the downhills. But hey this is Rotorua .. why don't waste time and energy riding UP, there's plenty of UP you can do here without the airfares, car hire and house rental.

Also this was my favourite run of the trip. I love Te Tihi O Tawa .. such an awesome trail and I was totally in the moment. The first time I had the guts to do the Billy T drop.

Nice videos and sweet riding. I'm heading over soon as well I can't wait! Any must do trails?

If it's still there, Corners. Your legs will ache and your back will hurt by the time you get to the bottom, but you will go back and do it again .. and again ... and again.

Get a multi-pass shuttle ticket. Worth every cent.

Te-tihi-o-tawa, Billy T. Split Enz, Pondy DH, Pondy New, Old Chevy... and for the last ride of teh day, Eagle V Shark looks like a ripper.

What Hawkeye said is spot on.
- Corners is still around, until about October this year
- Split Enz however I think is shut, pretty sure they've destroyed the top section. But check with the locals because if it's open you HAVE to do it.

If you want more tips on the Redwoods and other Rotorua gold tell me a bit about what sort of riding you like most, the sort of bike yr taking and how long yr going to be there. The forest has a huge variety (plus trails outside of the forest) and by knowing what yr trying to get out of it I can probably help with some tips for maximising your time on the trail.

I've also written a heap of articles and made quite a few videos. Here's the best place to start and choose your own adventure from there.

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