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Liam and knicks

By Buck - Posted on 09 June 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Little "I'll never wear lycra" Ditty checking out a pair of knicks!

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Ditty will never, ever live this down! It's sooooo many kinds of wrong!

On the plus side, I can see a slight resemblance to a certain action hero in his face here. Does that make you feel better Liam? Eye-wink

Buck's timing was simply superb!

So what size skin suit am I ordering you again Ditty?

he was even heard discussing the possibility of acquiring a light weight xc bike

Yes he even had a spin around on my bike and seemed quite interested.

Rumour has it that there is also a photo yet to be uploaded of Liam reading Bruce's roadie magazine in bed Laughing out loud

What a gentleman does or wears in the privacy of his bedroom should not be discussed in such a public forum, unless of course there is a discreet monthly credit card payment.

It is amazing what a bit of spare time and photoshop software can do these days!! Laughing out loud I should probably add, just keep an eye on that Buck character, he is a snake in the grass that one.

can't you all see? he was about to put the lycra on and Buck took the picture too soon, another 5 seconds and there would have been no doubt about it.


that he was also using ladies perfume too.

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