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Lube (Minds out of the gutter thanks)

By DudeistPriest - Posted on 03 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So my new LBS doesn't sell my favourite lube, so they've put me onto Finish Line Dry Lube, anyone using/used it and what do you think, any good?

It's OK so long as you don't go anywhere near water. Like most wax lubes it will then promptly wash out.

Used it once, moved on quickly. But then Canberra doesn't have the rainfall of Sydney.

Currently I'm liking Squirt lube, which seems to be the exception that proves the rule regarding wax lubes. Purple Extreme is a close second, but it's some exotic synthetic thing that I would take care with avoiding the fumes and skin contact (but I'm a bit weird with stuff like that).

+1 for Squirt!

however, it's hard to find at local LBS

I also like the non-messiness of the dry lubes, but they do disappear pretty quickly.

I find the Rock n Roll Extreme or Gold lubes give a good balance between staying on and not attracting too much gunk.

I'm a convert to Squirt.
I was on the Rock and Roll bandwagon for ages.
I got a small bottle of squirt in a race entry pack once and didn't use it for months. I put it on once for a test and then went straight out and bought more.
I've done over 200km on one ride with mostly dust and some water and didn't need to reapply.

I use dry lube. Not sure what its called. I also got some at a race some years ago.

I also have wet lube for the wet days. Especially for commuting

and Purple Extreme if it looks like being wet.

I'm over 10,000 km on the one Dura Ace chain on the roadie and it's still a long way from needing changing. Have been using Squirt for all of that distance except the period it had the original grease.

While I prefer to avoid wet rides (roadie brakes are useless) I've been a lot less conscientious with cleaning and haven't followed my 3x chain rotation policy I use on the mtb.

So I'm reasonably pleased with that outcome, which I think is in large portion attributable to Squirt.

I generally top up once a week, which is about once every 200km. Your mileage may vary.

I was on rock N roll gold until I got a free small bottle of squirt at the 2014 highland fling.
RockNRoll collects dust and you will need to re-apply quite often.

With Squirt the chain stays clean and does not attract dirt.
Don't go googling "squirt" google "squirt lube" instead Smiling

I've been using Squirt for years, but the new LBS doesn't stock it.

I've had a few rides now using the Finish Line product and I'm happy with it, the only thing I don't like is you seem to have to apply quite a bit more of it in comparison to the Squirt.

I can imagine what would pop up if you googled lube and squirt in the same sentence.

Have used it on all my bikes for years. Never had a problem. Tried lots of others but stayed with White Lightning. Keeps the chain clean. Buy it from Cell Bikes online.

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