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Maintenance after riding thorugh a river

By brownie1324 - Posted on 08 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I did a ride over the weekend that included riding through numerous knee deep river crossings where the bike was semi submerged.
Should I be looking at re-greasing hubs etc and any recommendations on type of grease?


Valvoline Val-plex EP. Automotive waterproof wheel bearing grease. It can be a bit hard to find but Super Cheap or Auto One generally have it. There are few equals for longevity and resistance to water, and a $10 tub will last you for years for bicycle use.

If your BB went under I'd at least take it out for a close inspection. I've also found that pedals are poorly sealed and collect water quite easily.

As a definite, spend an hour pulling the bike down, pull out cranks, if you can access seals to the bearings pull them off and inspect, remove seat post. If headset would have got wet, then remove fork and top of headset.

Worthwhile just exposing the pivots, also remove wheels from bike, and if you can remove cassette and freehub, check, clean, regrease as necessary.

Most damage is done by rust. Things rust because they don't get a chance to dry out, so simply dismantling makes a huge difference to that process. There will be moisture inside hubs, inside frame and bottom bracket

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