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New mtb shoe suggestions

By simoen - Posted on 11 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all, I'm looking to get myself some new Mtb shoes with clip ins. Currently got some shimano m088 but looking for something a little better. Any suggestions are welcome. ?


Sidi shoes are pretty good good fit Italian made many colours & sizes & about $80 more expensive but they are different Smiling

These are my favourite shoes, very comfortable and easy to walk in if you need to get off the bike for a bit:

I have two pairs of sidi shoes (spider and buvel) and find them to be very comfortable and well made although the they can be a bit pricey but you can often find them on sale on chain reactions/ wiggle. The other bonus is they come in bright yellow Eye-wink

Most comfortable show I've ever owned. Fits like a custom shoe ... because it's molded to my foot.

You can buy from a place with the Shimano oven and vacuum bag. If you buy on line you can stick 'em in the oven for a minute, put 'em on, wrap in a stiff elastic bandage and get the same outcome.

I've bought a second set of insoles from Japan after-market and while the outcome wasn't quite as perfect with non-heat moldable uppers in the R170 road shoes, it was a significant improvement - no hot-spots on my sole.

Sidi dominator...

Shoes that fit

Wide feet are unlikely to fit a a sidi well, same as a bony perturberance on the outside of the foot ( sidis have high sides)

Any brand doesn't suit all feet - you have to get the one that is right for you . For me, XC series shimano fit really well, but YMMV.

If you walk a bit and hike a bike then the XC type shoes are harder to walk in - so don't go stiff soled shoes if this is you

As pharmaboy says, depends on your riding but going by your current shoes it sounds like your after an XC type shoe.

If you like the fit of your MO88s, stick with Shimano. It can be a bit of a lottery getting cycling shoes to fit.

I recommend the XC61. Similar to the moldable version but half the cost. Stiff soles but still comfortable to walk in. Saying that, if you can justify the price of XC90s, go for it.

Thanks for all feedback fellas.. I ended up ordering some sidi epics as I like to get off the bike and walk around a bit. Let's hope they fit well......

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