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Mavic wheels

By whiskers - Posted on 13 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just wondering if his would be covered on warranty only used for commuting nothing too hard just fast brought from my lbs theres a crack either side of the spoke

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Is there supposed to be a pic?

yeah just having some problems uploading

Going from the pic I would say you have a shot but not knowing the age of the wheels makes it harder. Ask your LBS, worst case they say no.

Mate sorry to tell you but you won't get covered by Mavic fantastic warranty.

I had the same issue, bought Mavic Crossmax XL wheelset for All mountain use but first ride straight after receiving the wheel, i did a half metre drop off and front wheel got buckled.

Mavic refused the warranty with excuse that any wheel can get buckled if not land properly. What a joke !

Mavic has a Very poor customer service and warranty! Sorry to tell you but you're buying a lemon.

Don't ever buy Mavic again!

A rim cracked like this is usually due to excessive spoke tension or metal fatigue. It should not happen to a wheel tensioned to the manufacturer's specified kg force.

It is unlikely to be due to operator error, unlike a buckled wheel.

Have you or the bike shop trued it? If not, you have a good chance.

One thing most people are unaware of with this model of wheel is that it has quite a low maximum recommended rider+bike weight. of something like 85kg.

I have no idea why, but Mavic have chosen not to make that data available to the public. I only found out through accidentally stumbling across a Mavic tech trade manual. It explained a lot about why my SLRs were so hard to keep true.

Then they barred online sellers from shipping to Oz, which forced me to look elsewhere, and I'm glad they did. I've since discovered they are overpriced, overweight and under strength. There's so much better stuff out there. Won't be buying Mavic again.

Looks nice though.

How do I stop the crack from growing

Seriously. Don't continue to ride with a crack in the rim otherwise you'll experience catastrophic failure resulting in potential injury.

Not what you want to hear but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Email Mavic and take it back to where you bought it (if less than two years old).

See this link

It over two years old, then it's a new set of wheels as the warranty period has lapsed - again, not what you wanted to hear.

Don't ride on it. Not worth it - high risk of injury or death.

As for replacement, Stans Crest or Arch on Hope hubs is a far superior product. Stiffer, easier to maintain, probably lighter and you may be able to do with out a bell - the loud rear hub may qualify as an audible warning device Eye-wink

Good news the rear wheel was covered by the mavic warranty so the LBS shipped them off for repair at no charge Jawdropping!

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