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Is Shimano 1 * 11 better than 1 * 10?

By ps - Posted on 24 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking to upgrade my XC bike from 2 * 9 to one front chainring. It seems that my existing wheels will fit a Shimano 10 or 11 speed cassette.

I would like a 11-40 rear cassette so it seems 11 speed is simpler. Anyone have some experience with the 11 speed XTR and one chainring?


I don't run 11 speed on the MTB (as I run saint 11-36), but Shimano have a reputation for not using customers as guinea pigs. Everything 'new' has been tested and proven, in my exp. anyway.

I converted my first dually from 3x10 to 1x10 and never looked back. Perth has pretty mild elevation, so I never run out of range, but use a gearing calculator, and think back to your current bike/riding to see if/where you can afford to lose range.

Unless I'm riding super slow/fast, I'll never go back to a 2x. You can always just pedal harder or faster Eye-wink

As a side note, a few friends seem to like the 11-40 range better than the SRAM 10-42 where there can be quite a jump between gears.

Go for it, you'll love the new xtr.

P.S. Check if 11 will fit your hub, I know road bike 10 speed hubs won't take 11.

can't comment on 1x11, but converted my 2x10 to 1x10 & i'm loving it.
went with Wolftooth 42+16t rear & Hope 32t front. (the engineering of Hope chainring is awesome. be sure to check it out).
conversion was done with complete drivetrain replacement.
why go with 40 rear, when you can get a few extra teeth (42)

cheers, Daisy

Shimano did make the mtb 11 speed fit on the 9 or 10 speed hubs.

Why go for the XTR when you can go XT 11-42 for a lot less cost and bigger gear range. It could mean you can go for a 34t chain ring and therefore not loose as much on the top end.

@Pete, I don't think I need the 11-42 range so not that concerned about the top end.

XT would be cheaper but I don't think it would end up lighter than the current setup. So if I am going to spend some money, replacing XTR with XTR will be lighter. With the drivetrain it seems that XTR will do a better job of shifting under load, and while that doesn't matter when your out riding it does make a difference during a race.

btw I have had pretty good value out of XTR in the past with the extended warranty, when some XT pedals broke after the same amount of use they got binned, with XTR they got sent back for a replacement.

Is anybody actually using Shimano 1 * 11?

I've converted my 2 scalpels to XTR 1x11. Love it. Faultless shifting. Crisp feel. No front mech weight or issues. No chain suck. No LH shifter, 1 less cable. It all adds up. I run the 11/40 with a 36t front. No issues anywhere. Quarry track climb, no worries.
The only downside I see from a 2x or 3x setup is the lack of top end speed, hence why I run a 36t.
I purchased my sets from CRC I think at quite a discount. Worked out to be around $600 for the entire set. Minus front chainring as I opted for a wolf teeth direct mount.
Have run it for 18 months now. Love it.

A 50t rear cog... I could almost run a 50t up front and still go up the quarry track with that... That's a long chain...

Fair enough, didn't know if you were doing it for the weight.

I run a full XT 1x11 and not had any problems with shifting,dropped chains etc. I've done about 1000km and half of that in races so it's been ridden hard.


So we're adding the equivalent of yet *another* front chainring, except it's to the rear, unsprung end of the bike. Can someone please explain how this is meant to be a weight and performance improvement again Puzzled

I can see a benefit over 2 x 10 by allowing room to fit your dropper post remote under the bar on the left, but other than that I'm scratching my head...

They will go to 1x 13, where the actual rear rim will be a cog...
But the advantage is that you can run an 11t up front...
Say goodbye to clearance issues from the ground.

2x7 will be the new black. They'll justify it somehow.

Don't anybody mention we already have 1 x 14

2x7 will be the new black. They'll justify it somehow.

Haha, I was thinking about it, dishless rear wheel and 28-40 up front would suit me.
There is a 142 or 148mm of this out there-

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