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By Tristania - Posted on 29 March 2016

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Gotta love it when you lose your concentration for a second and suffer the consequences.

Just after thinking about how many times I'd dropped it without cracking the screen, Last week I stepped on my $400 Magellan Cyclo505 GPS and completely smashed the screen, to the extent that now I can hardly press any buttons on it any more.

After some word off the street that there was a depot for repairing damaged goods in Ryde, I called the hotline where I was informed that they neither could repair it nor made any spare parts that a phone fixing agency could use to do so. Is this a thing with these companies so that they can sell a brand new device whenever something minor happens, or is it genuinely difficult to fix an issue like this? I just feel as though I shouldn't have to buy a whole new unit to fix a non-technical issue.

Regardless of the reasoning, does anyone have any advice on if there is any way to get this fixed, or if not, if they know of any GPS units that I can collect for a low price (really don't care what it does beyond record rides as I can analyse it all on Strava/Today's Plan) to replace it?

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the bad news is that anything worth less than a few hundred dollars these days is pretty much a 'consumable'
that said I've had good experience with Garmin, they back up their products with after sales service and I guess that's reflected in the purchase price

Yeah I couldn't find any screens for sale, could be a good time to jump to Garmin Eye-wink.

If you like yours, 99 bikes have 'em for $260 with a HRM.

$219 at jb hifi with speed and cadence sensor
As an extra degree of safety put on a screen protector, it will help.

Maybe try contacting Magellan direct. I've heard of Garmin replacing broken units with refurbished ones at a pretty cheap price.

I can confirm Garmin do indeed do that. I have used the service.

The rubbber boot over the menu joystick tore on my 705, eventually letting water into the unit on a torrential day and killing it. But not before it made noises all day and couldn't be turned off until it died. Drove the guy at the next desk to distraction, which was pretty funny.

A hundred and forty-five bucks and a few days later I had a fully refurbished unit in my hands.

PM sent

I'll message them again. They didn't do the swap on refurbished units for the 505 but I'll need to confirm that.

Yeah I have no affinity to Magellan (I won the unit in Convict), particularly with their apparent inability to fix the system, so will essentially get whatever is cheapest. Just need something to record my activities and Strava/TP can do the rest.

PM sent to Brickonabike.

Tristan, I sent my Magellan 505 back twice due to battery life and know the shop sent it to Magellan at Wetherill Park out here in west Sydney. After the 2nd return they gave me a new unit. All quite quick and good they are local. I suggest you look them up and at least call them to determine whether they can replace screens.

Replacement due to being faulty is an entirely different story to an out of warranty/at fault service.

+1 for Garmin's out of warranty 'service'. Sent my old, used and abused edge 800 in. It worked ok, just looked hammered. $150ish later they sent me a refurbished unit. Looked new to me.
Will be doing the same with my camera when it actually stops working.

They are more expensive up front, but there are also lots of spares available online.
Edge 800 battery is $14 inc postage, for example.

If you use the unit a lot, might be worth looking at something new rather than throwing money after this one.

Tristan, I was in Domayne/HN at the Supacenta today and they've got a couple of the basic units, 105s???, on their clearance table if you need something quickly. Price was ~$120.

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