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Trail Helmet advice

By webby - Posted on 17 May 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Guys,

Looking for advice on purchasing a new helmet. Most rides around the dam and Bantry Bay trails.
Narrowed the search down to these three brands:
Bell Super 2
Giro Feature
IXS Trail RS

Does anyone have or tried out the mentioned helmets and can recommend?

I have read each have lots of pros but these are their cons:

Bell - heavy
Giro - can be hot
IXS - Peak too long


Buy the one that fits best. Everyone has a different shaped head and one of them may fit better than the others

Why not a fox flux? I was just shopping for a new helmet and replaced my old flux with a new one as i came off at about 40kmh and it worked flawlessly (massive crack through the helmet), although it didn't save the 3 breaks in my collarbone Sticking out tongue

Helmet is super comfy, runs cool, and very light for all day riding with awesome protection. Also really cheap at $100.00 plus/minus.

Ive played around with the super 2 and have mates with em, they are really unnecessary. Hot, heavy, and not much more protection.

Hope this helps.

Have to say if you are looking for a new AM helmet you should add the Flux to your list. I'm on my 2nd one now (first 1 also saved me in a head first crash) and whilst all in your list are top lids, the Flux was the original one with the extra protection to the back of the head, is light and very well priced. Plus Fox know a thing or two about helmets.

I recommend considering the Met Parabellum. Super light, well vented, good rear of head protection, gel pad on forehead which is a bit less gross than padded cushions... Looks cool too, which is obviously important...

I had the Fox Flux for quite a few years. Decent enough helmet but the retention mechanism failed over time so it rattled around a lot on my head. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

I use a Troy Lee A1.
More of an AM than general trail helmet. Prices vary vastly depending on design.
Straps are a pain to setup, but that's just a one off. Size adjustment is good and fits snug without any pressure.
Glasses legs can't fit outside the helmet like most road lids, and sliding them inside is a little tight. Protection on the back of the head is great, visor has moderate adjustment and can be removed. The hard shell covers ALL the foam so you don't get the inevitable dents. Ventilation isn't the best.

The Specialized Ambush also rates very highly with great ventilation.
Others that LOOK good:
7iDP M2

Well documented that it works as it should. All my helmets are now Met.
However, it might be useful to look into the new MIPS helmets too.

Got one of these over XMAS and can say its the most comfortable helmet I've has great rear protection, is light and has plenty of adjustments to get it to fit very snugly.

Great value for money. Did 100km with my first. Got onto a roadie. Did 50km on tarmac and had a run in with the pavement. Scapula cracked, helmet cracked. Ordered a new Flux the same day!

The new THE helmet looks pretty good for $99, I've got a Flux and it seems fine, probably should replace it as it has a decent dent in the back from a crash.

The Flux is the best helmet I've had since Bell went to China for manufacturing many moons ago, I used to have a Bell shaped head......

I haven't tried many helmets but I have an old flux with my light mounted permanently on it (gets used more than any other helmet at the moment), a Fox Striker which is a slightly lighter and more vented Flux and a Bontrager Specter road helmet. The Specter is by far the lightest and most vented. The Striker is lighter than the Flux but I prefer the fit of the flux over the other 2.

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