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Bike build advise

By Rich de Pom - Posted on 18 May 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Trying to sell my bike at the moment which isn't that old and looking as an option to just buy a frame and use most of the parts that are on it onto the new one and hopefully sell the existing one cheaply.
Just wondering the pitfalls of doing this and is it worth it in the long run as Im looking at saving a few grand and not having to wait to sell my bike which is painful considering it's a steal price and put some great upgrades and is all working great.
Any experiences and some price indications of bike strip downs and rebuilds would be great.

Depends on the spec of your old bike compared to the spec you want your new bike to be. If they're similar them I can't see why not, big savings but you'll not get much for your old frame and you're essentially riding an old bike with a new frame.

If you want the new build to be a higher spec then take time to build it up as you can afford it, you'll only kick yourself if you don't do your new frame justice.

I put my old 3x10 drivetrain on my Niner as I built it while I was waiting for the XT 1x11 to be released and while it was great to be on a new bike, I never had that feeling of a crisp new bike until the M8000 was fitted.

Theartistformallyknownasoldandslow will be able to help you with this. He rides a Trek / Specialized / Giant / Kona / Scott / Malvern Star / Yeti / Cell / Speedwell hybrid and has built our tandem from a leftover sheet of corrugated iron, some coathangers from his neighbour's wardrobe (don't ask), three corner posts from a recent Manly match and seven rolls of electric tape (blue only).

I am all for saving a few dollars when it comes to upgrading your ride.

Things you need to look at that are important is:

Wheel size
Axle size
Headset bearing size - steerer tube shape
Bottom bracket size
Frame width - will affect rear wheel/tyre size
Brake size

If you want to transplant the parts you have onto a new frame you need to check all these issues to make sure everything will move across ok.

Also if your changing brands (giant to trek) for example may have some issues with headset and fork combo.

Send me a pm if you want some advice or help


Thanks for the advise but managed to sell the bike and go for a new spanka. Just need to know who the best delivery people are interstate.

A lot of people won't ship bikes as importers forbid it to try to and keep a level playing field.

A lot of people won't ship bikes as importers forbid it to try to and prevent price competition

Fixed that for you. Eye-wink

Rubbish, most brands don't have a massive mark-up on bikes and if little shops don't have bike sales or component sales because they can't compete with tax free personal imports they would just end up as fitters for people that supply the wrong parts.

I'd never work in a bike shop, riders a bunch of fickle know it all's, do it for mates' rate while I look over your shoulder to make sure you do it right Eye-wink

I'm not sure if anyone has had the pleasure of trying to road test a bike at Hadleys but a mate and I left out of frustration and another riding buddy said they flat out refused a car park test. I'm sure volume sales shops can still have good service but if they kill off the little guy they really don't need to, look at Bunnings, people hate the place but they have killed off the competition so staff can avoid customers if they feel like it and the shop still turns a profit.

Enough whining from me, hahaha!

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