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BB95 bearings removal and install

By Flux_mtb - Posted on 19 May 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi there. Need some advise on where to get tools required for removing my bottom brackets bearing and installing them back. Got stuck with one bearing which I need to remove, clean and put back..Any ideas?



I don't have a press fit BB, and so was able to change using an ALDI all in one bike kit, however needed some extra leverage as they were very tight. I'd wholly recommend getting a bike workshop do it if you can afford it.

Not keen on paying 15-20$ for 5min job which can be done myself..

If you use FSA bearings it might be worth investing in the tools Eye-wink

I know park tools do a tool specific tool for a pf/bb 30. Its basically a silde hammer with a staged bearing cup and a special sized hook sorta thing thats supposed to work really well. Issue being its about $60 from memory plus postage.

Last time i checked jenson had them??

Good luck,


You begrudge paying $15-20? When you've damaged your frame through lack of knowledge and/or poor tools, you'll wish you took it to a shop!

I have changed a few press fit BB shells,
BB92 and BB95 also the seam Gpx.

They are really simple, there aren't any tricks
You just slide them into place. Use grease on the
Outside of the shell and keep it straight as you
Gently ease it in there.

Good luck

I think iv'e read some of your letters on the Playboy forum Paul.
You have a way with words.

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