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By Greggos - Posted on 20 May 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


I've been looking though the calendar and noted that only the race events were listed. Are there any regular social or training rides?

Ive been a long time mtb rider, who has been spending far too much time on the dark side (roadie) over the past few years. Im keen to find some riding buddies to help me get back on the dirt more regularly.

Thanks in advance!

The content is user generated so feel free to add rides into the calendar and see who turns up

If you're interested in riding on the south side, check out Sydney Mtb Riders club:

There are social rides most Saturday mornings which they post up on FB.

Yeah, as Flynny says, anyone can add a ride if they want to meet up: add a calendar entry.

It's funny as I was asked this by someone else not that long ago. Sadly I can't ride in the area any more, but maybe I'll just add something and see if anyone says they will come. Only takes a couple of riders.

Oh go on then... Manly Dam Social Eye-wink

Why do you keep saying sadly Rob
By the looks of the photos where you've been riding
There's not much to be sad about lol Smiling

I'm trying to be tactful Eye-wink

Thanks for getting the ball rolling Rob!

Im in for the ride tomorrow!!

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