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YT Bikes

By Slash - Posted on 14 June 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Could anyone tell me if YT bikes prices in $AUD on there website include import/sales taxes?
Also, are YT bikes as good as all the reviews say they are?


Doesn't look like it's included anymore,
under delivery and risk

One mate found the capra comparable to the nomad and bought one. He loves it.

I can't speak about YT and tax, but my Canyon included the GST in the price (even though the bike came directly from Germany)

Send them an email,I emailed them this morning with a few questions and they got back to me within 10mins.

I'm sure they're good bikes, but for $8,500AUD for the top enduro plus the suspected tax etc, I wouldn't be thrilled with the components for a 10k bike.

24mm rim width. What's up with that?
Great for XC guys but everyone else has gone wide. I've been running 44mm internal width for over a year.

Fox shock. Do people still use them?
Go Cane Creek.

Aluminium rear triangle. Wtf?
They don't disclose this, but unless they've mixed up their photos, the rear is alu. You can see the welds.
That's a deal breaker for me. The rear gets so much abuse, and should be the first thing you make out of CF.
A great compromise on a carbon Giant for $3,500 (without the obligatory discount), but not for a 'top of the range' bike, and I'd bet they'll be changing this in the next few years.

Only some frame designs make sense to have CF rear triangles. Others would only be weaker or heavier.

First of all, CF is not a tough material. Ie not good for impact unless its beefed up so much that it weighs as much as metal. It is however stiff and takes high stresses before it snaps, just not on impact which is different. It also helps with frame damping and ride quality.

Secondly CF composite can not accept bearings and pivots directly. It is much too soft. These need to go into a metal insert which then have to be designed to spread the load into the surrounding CF without creating a weak spot (a big fail on spreading the load on some early CF crank sets).

If you look at the rear on carbon bikes with four bar links where the seat and chain stay moving around and are part of the four bar linkages then these are best left as aluminium. This is because all the bearings at each end of the links need metal inserts which by the time they spread the load to the CF they have taken up much of the length of the link and also create weak points at the junction between the insert and CF. Better off just making it all out of Aluminium. You could however wrap it to make it look like CF with metal inserts but thats really just adding weight (ie some, but not all crank sets).

Other bikes such as Giant, which are still technically four bar links, could do a CF rear triangle as the rear triangle is hanging off the back of one of the links that makes up the four bar link which has been given some marketing name. The rear triangle has no bearings or pivots, just an insert for the axel. The rear triangle is just one solid lump of CF, not multiple linkages that need to move relative to each other.

No, I was looking at there downhill bikes.

All import duties and taxes are included. The only extra you pay on top of the AUD listed price is the shipping.

Was the same deal when i bought my Canyon.

I guess something else to think about is warranty, I don't believe YT's warranty compares favourably to say Trek, Giant of Specialized.


You can't beat the big boys on warranty, limited lifetime for original owners.
Nothing worse than having to much choice.
A first world problem.
But those carbon YT's & Norco's do look hot!

The JEFFSY CF does look pretty good.

Giant DH bikes get a three year warranty, YT seem to have the same warranty on the DH frames.

If you are looking at the entry level DH bike the YT is better in every department, better spec, Giant has- narrow rims, a 3.5kg fork, brakes are cheap, Scwalbe tyres, X5 shifter and mech.
The YT has some great bits for $3600, even has an Acros headset and the shock is in-line with the frame so when you bottom the thing out the frame isn't trying to rip itself apart.

Aaron Gwin won Leogang on a YT this year so they look to be at least as good as his previous ride. And he got to the bottom without breaking anything. Smiling

Aaron Gwin could win on my 4 year olds 12" bike....

... but not without breaking anything Sticking out tongue


The website clearly states "includes import tax & duty" immediately beneath the price of the bike.

I must have missed it, sorry.

Just my British sense of sarcastic humour. The YT range looks fantastic on paper and in the flesh. I've only ever read good reviews on them (not the Pinkbike brigade that are experts but never ridden one).

For the base model Capra at $4,000, it's an absolute steal.

You know you want to.

I didn't realise the British had humour.
The Capra might be my next bike, but looking at the Carbon Tues at the moment!

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