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Shout out to "Mountain Bike Suspension Centre"

By jpack - Posted on 04 July 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I took my DT forks and fox RP23 to Simon @ Mountain Bike Suspension Centre.
What a fantastic service experience.
Simon is friendly and professional.
only took 2 days to turn around - ensuring I had my suspension back for the weekend.

He took photos of the filthy oil that came out of my shocks and kept the buggered seals to show me when I came to pick them up.

went for a ride this weekend and it was like riding a new bike. the suspension is smooth and plush again.

I will definitely be scheduling annual suspension service to keep my suspension in top condition.

**I have no association with the business, just a great customer service experience**

Damn, they even washed your socks.
That's good service.

I agree
he's only a young feller but was the guru at Fox for as long time before going it alone
I was recommended when he did things from his garage and had the same result as you
And how good is his hair lol

+1 for Simon at Mountain Bike Suspension Centre

I hear he runs a custom oil weight to keep is hair in place

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