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Canberra with kids

By GarethP - Posted on 08 August 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Any recommendations of a place to ride in Canberra with young kids (4 yrs old)? Will obviously need to be quite flat and smooth but he can ride as far as 10km.

apparently there is a beginner loop at Majura - any other spots?



Stromlo has a relatively easy beginners loop at the base which is smooth single track.

Its a good spot that inbetween laps you can branch off and doing something more challenging. The crit circuit is usually pretty fun for the little ones as well.


Cheers Dicko, another good option.

I also found that most of the trails at bruce ridge are rated IMBA green so I reckon we've plenty of choices. He'll enjoy the change after the 400m green loop at OMV!

Bruce Ridge might be a bit hilly for a 4 year old. The beginners loop at Majura is a step up from the OMV Green Loop, but might be ok. There are plenty of good fire trails about the place, you might find something suitable around the base of Mount Ainslie, parking is available at the rear of the War Memorial.

Here's some info on Bruce Ridge:

And some info on the Majura Beginners Track:

Cheers mate - yeah hills are a bit of a killer for 4 yr old legs, but he doesn't mind the odd push/walk.

Can't understand how kids bikes are so heavy - his weighs like 8kg and it's a decent brand too! I think it's made from lead or something.

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