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Bike hooks for corporate bike storage

By danielschipper - Posted on 08 August 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


As some of the guys on the forum know we're looking to put in some bike hooks at our office to create a secure location for bike storage.

Being in Belrose we're fortunate enough to have direct access to all of the St Ives / Terry Hills MTB trails and to the Akuna Bay road rides.... and with a number of cyclists in the team we need somewhere to store all our bikes. Nice problem to have hey!

I've been able to secure a space in our under ground parking which is secure to an extend; i.e. swipe card access into the overall space. I still want to provide the option for people to lock their bikes up though.

So the question is what types of storage to people have and recommend?

I'm thinking of hanging the bikes and have used this BBB unit at home:

This doesn't provide security though so I'd also need to dynabolt some sort of anchor into the wall to enable a bike lock to pass through.

The other option I've found is this

Let me know what you think and what has worked for you.

Thanks NobMob'ers!


You have forward thinking business leadership.

Pm me your address and I'll show you what we have. There might even be a sticker still with a supplier contact.

Not sure I'm keen on those standup mounts. I'd be a bit concerned about air from the reservoir getting into the front brake line. Ahein has that sort of rack in his building, perhaps he can share his experience.

His rack also has some cushioning on the hook from memory to protect the finish on your rim and a cable with a loop on the end you can thread through the wheels to inhibit any thief with carbon wheel or Powertap hub envy.

Mine look similar to the ones on the Manly Ferry but have a polyurethane cushon to protect paint. They dynabolt into the concrete floor.

The other thing we have is video security. It doesn't help if you forget to lock to the rack and you get a tailgater sneaking in, but the guards have chased off a few scumbags with boltcuttwrs and angle grinders.

Does that help?

Over in WA I had the luxury of using a fantastic bike storage in one of the premier high rise offices. They were equipped with Steadyrack which is a Western Australian company. There was a lot of them (guessing 50) and never saw a problem. One of the nice things was the ability to rotate vertical hanging bikes out of the way.

Not convinced I want to hang my bike on the wall. Are there any decent floor systems? Maybe some sort of loop dynabolted to the ground that you can feed a braided steel security cable through and lock it with a decent padlock.

I've been using the Oxford 14 bolt down anchor from chain reaction with a heavy duty Oxford 10 chain. Luckily It hasn't been tested by a real crim yet so I can't confirm if it works! It does feel heavy duty though and gives peace of mind. I have it wall fixed so I can hang my bike and lock it through the frame and fork.

A bit of doubling up there I know the Oxford units you're talking about. With something like the steadyrack you can loop locks through the rack so you don't need a separate locking unit.

A bit more expensive than some others but I like the ability to swivel and I am able to put four bikes into a very small space at home.

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