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Reasonably priced prescription cycling glasses

By hawkeye - Posted on 10 August 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The subject of riding glasses comes up from time to time and I thought I'd share this as I thought it might be useful to forum members.

If anyone is looking for affordable prescription glasses to suit road cycling or mountain biking, I've just completed a review of an Israeli product called Shamir Attitude that is available through your optometrist. Mine were supplied via Blink Optical at Warringah Mall.

They are a replacement lens available to suit any "name brand" dual lens sport sunglass frame (Oakley, Rudy Project to name just two) so if you already have these then prescription Shamir lenses are available for under $300 before your health fund rebate. With your fund rebate it could be under $100.

Mine are photochromic and perform really well both from an optical correction and speed-of-response point of view. For night use, the clear end of the tinting range is actually far better than the photo below shows, with the lightest of light grey tints really only being detectable when compared with a set of reading glasses held over a white piece of paper. No discernable difference to clear untinted glasses when in use. Yet they are plenty dark enough in bright sinlight.

Review here:

Disclosure: I did receive the product at no charge.

For those who may wonder if this might influence a review outcome (a legitimate question): where a product performs poorly feedback is given to the supplier, and how they resolve the issue (or don't) becomes part of the review if there is sufficient public interest. If not (say, a no-name Taiwanese digital video recorder that no-one's heard of), a decision is made to invest no more time in the project and the supplier is asked to collect the product without a review being published.

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