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By Rob - Posted on 24 June 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For your next wilderness trip?

Oh, I see they have a returns policy, that could be interesting for them! Laughing out loud

the novelty value is outstanding but the practicality is questionable, anyhow, on multi day trips i always poo in my sleeping bag before i wake up and empty it when i get home! Eye-wink

That is absolutely hilarious! The name even sounds cool when saying it in a sentence.

Logo that they've used, with that little fella poking his head out of....

I want to know how sturdy the cardboard is!!

cos if it collapsed while in use....

well you get the picture Shocked

hahahha that's crazy.

I think a length of PVC pipe, sealed at one end and with a screw top on the other, with a bit of accessory cord slung through it might be a bit more durable, though! (The are called poo tubes, and are used for climbing big cliffs where you take more than a single day to reach the top.)

They reckon it can hold 127 kilos. When new. and dry. Hypothetically, if an American used it on a humid day, having used it 5 times before, the results might be interesting. 127 kilos isn't much of a safety margin.

For lifting large objects 50 metres in the air over people's heads, slings are used which have a safe working load of about 1/7 of the the weight at which 95 % of tested slings won't break (2 standard deviations). That's a 7x safety margin.

I think for this application, a safety margin of at least 10x would be warranted!

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