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During the last 3 months I have gone through three sets of gloves. What do you recommend to buy for trail riding with gel inside so you don't get pins and needles.

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I suggest you look at your bike setup if your getting pins and needles.

I got an XC bike a few years ago and was getting pins and needles and sore shoulders. Turns out I had to much weight on my bars. A combination of slightly raising the handle bar height and moving my seat forward changed my riding position enough to stop any further issues.

I race DH at national level and only ever wear a thin XC style glove. All the gel and protection stuff on the gloves isn't necessary and a bit of a waste.

Thanks David, That makes sense now I will try that. The XC syle gloves sounds great.

Karen (:

Thanks David, That makes sense now I will try that. The XC syle gloves sounds great.

Karen (:

Thanks David, That makes sense now I will try that. The XC syle gloves sounds great.

Karen (:

It can be bar shape too, most people find 9deg backsweep comfortable for longer rides. You could also roll yours forward or back to see if that helps too.
As suggested above raising the bar or fitting a shorter stem may help too.

Thin palm full-finger gloves are the go, paired with large diameter soft grips.

I use ODI Rogue grips on the AM bike and find them excellent for long rides. Besides much omproved comfort the large diameter gives you more control of the bike while in flight off water bars and drops on the trail where small diameter grips and gel gloves will squirm and compromise control.

In pursuit of light weight I went with Ritchey WCS foam grips on the XC bike but found despite the softness of the foam, the "bump" in the middle gets me in the nerve channel in the middle of the heel of my hand, so I have ordered some large diameter silicone grips to replace them with.

Then there's position on the bike as well. I would try the above recommendations first, and then if it persists get a professional bike fit done.

Since I got mine done on the roadie I am now comfortable to do stupid-long distances without hand, neck, knee or back discomfort - 121 km last weekend. Shocked Without the bike fit that would never have been possible.

Does this help?

Have you worn the gloves out or retired them because they didn't help with the pins and needles.

I wear my right grip out a fair bit quicker than my right as I get pins and needles in that side so I adjust my position a lot, I can't do anything as I have different reach left to right.

I've been using Fox Reflex Gel gloves for years. Seem to do the trick.

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