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FSR n+1 [Specialized HotRock]

By Hans - Posted on 01 August 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Welcoming another Spesh FSR in the family...

I was looking for a suitable bike upgrade for my 10 year old son - to move from his heavy steel bike so he can join his older brother Benji (12) and me on the trails...

So I couldn't resist as his 10th birthday came up...

"2007 SPECIALIZED HOT ROCK 24" Full suspension mountain bike "

The reviews on MTBR are very favourable...real four-link FSR suspension - same as the adult EPIC XC model, with adjustable pre-load and rebound on the rear shock, adjustable front fork - tuned for kid's weight, good brakes, lightweight frame, quality cranks, rims and tires...and most importantly "instills rider confidence"...

It arrived yesterday - he loves it! I believe this is a good investment as it will be passed down to "freerider Angelo" (6) when his big brother outgrows this and moves to a 26'er...

[image:5797 size=inline]
Lightweight frame - 3 kgs lighter than his previous (smaller) steed...

[image:5795 size=inline]
Check the EPIC style linkage and adjustable shock - it actually works great!

[image:5796 size=inline]
Adjustable front fork = tuned for kids weight...!

My only complaint is that they didn't have bikes this good when I was a kid...

We'll see you on the trails - there is nothing better than being able to share a ride with your kids!

Detailed riding report coming soon!

Rgds Hans


Happiness is a warm shock.

How cool is that? I wish I was ten.

And had a dad like Hans
Envy x 10 000
Hey Hans. Any chance of you adopting a 40+ y.o. son
I do dishes and take out garbage without complaint
Well not as much compaint as your regular 10 y.o anyway.
Whatta you say....DADDY

Who's your daddy!

I also remember the days of riding around on steel framed BMX bikes, old Raleigh mountain bikes, etc. Those were the days when riding was ultra old school and if you didn't have a BMX bike as a kid, you were nobody. Ahhhh, the memories. Pass me a tissue. Eye-wink Well, it was cool fun until you break you arm on it, like I did.

Well done Hans, a good buy. And this is a sporting good that will be with your kids forever. Not like some new fangled toy garbage your kids won't use 1 month from now. All you need to do is teach them how to maintain the bikes, and you're set. Have them maintain your bike for you. How easy will it be! Laughing out loud

Wow - how time flies. Smiling

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