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2008 World Champs Car Pool - Sydney to Canbera loners unite - Majura Pines ride

By captaintumeke - Posted on 20 August 2008

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Saturday, 30 August, 2008 - 10:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

2 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

Majura Pine Forest, off Majura Road.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

For all those wanting to watch the World Champs 30th - 31st August but just don't have a crew to make it happen.

This is now 'locked in'

We will leave early Saturday morning (7am) and return Sunday night (9pm).

Bring your bike! for a ride Saturday morning. Majura Pines is an option, but there are also tracks next to the event that can be ridden. (might be a good option for people wanting to watch the XC)

Accomodation options are to either camp or find a reasonable and cheap motel/lodge/hostel

If we only have 4 people, I suggest we take available cars. More than 6 and we should hire a minivan and trailer for bikes. (I organised a Minivan and trailer for the Worlds in NZ a few years back and it worked well). First quote for a 12 seat minivan and with 8 people works out at $50 - $60 per person for the 2 days including petrol.

The goal is to have a whole bunch of fun with new riders and watch some killer riding from the pros.

Who's in?
starship303, sensai_miagi, captaintumeke, Jee10
starship303 sensai_miagi captaintumeke Jee10
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Please remember guys and girls that this 'ride' is for people that want to be involved with this particular car pool / rental bus crew. If you're going to Canberra but with your own posie please don't post here...include yourself in the other World Cup weekend 'ride'. It gets confusing otherwise...since we're trying to find out what numbers we've got for a crew here.

I'm in with coming down with you guys. As said in planning thread i have a small car (Clio) that can carry 2 bikes and 2 people. I live on the lower north (artarmon).

So is Majura Pines the place we will be hitting up on the way down then? Will anyone coming with us know the area/ride as i've not been there before?
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

Hi guys, looks like we might not get the numbers for a minvan, which is a shame because I'm sure there would be some good jumps to take it off after the racing.

I suggest we think about carpooling and accomodation ASAP. I have asked sonicmook about his plans, so there could be four of us and two cars, which will work out well.

The Best Western Motel has rooms for $95 a night on wotif and reasonable reviews for it's rates.

How does this sound to you guys?

it seemed like in the other canberra weekend post that he might like coming with us...
(or he's going with mate(s) and was just offering a spare seat with them)

hey boys. it's good that there's three of us in (would be a good small group for the trip i thought), pity it means two cars though. either of you got a ute we can put three across the front? i asked my boss if i could use the work ute and he turned me down. or have you got a tow bar starship?

I can get a ride down there so suggest you and starship head down together. Any ideas where we can meet up for pies, ride and accommodation? Leave at 7am and get to Majura Pines at 10:30am?

Hey guys. I'll be staying at my brothers in C'berra with my wife and keen to get a ride in.
Mind if I tag along on your Majura ride @ 10.30 Saturday.

Sorry guys, been super busy recently. Sad

Yes i am still in for this trip. 10:30am at Majura Pines sounds good to me, and i'm more than happy to give Mark & Bike a lift.

Regarding accommodation, i will book a room for myself today lunch time at the place suggested above by captaintumeke for $95/night (about the cheapest around). According to Google its around 30mins drive from Majura pines, and about the same to Mt Stromlo. (see here:

As for pies, we are pretty close to Canberra aren't we? Meet somewhere in there after the ride for lunch?

ANDY: All good, see you at the Pines - you also going to the World Cup i presume?

Cheers, Will. Smiling
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

How do you guys feel about sharing a room with 3 beds? I'm all in for saving $ since we're only going to be there overnight.

I snore and sleep with my bike though... and to be honest, I don't know how bad you guys smell after a ride. Smiling

Maybe just go singles, $95 ain't bad. I rang this Motel and they have lots of rooms available.

P.S. Sonicmook is comming with us and since he's offered free company gas, I'll contribute to your guys fuel costs.

Oh, of course - the world cup
Yes. Definately want to see the downhill final on Sunday
Probably pop my head in Saturday night for the 4x final as well
See y'all at Majura. I'll take some phone numbers in case I get lost

Well i've already booked myself into the Best Western Sundown Motel ($95, double-bed room, see link in my last post ^^^). I'm happy to split a $95 room as it costs nothing extra for two single beds instead of one double bed, and i think $15 for a three-single bed room. I don't snore (do you Mark?) - i'm happy to share with a NON-snorer (sorry to discriminate Andrew but unfortunately i can't sleep a wink with snoring Sad ).

Anyway I'm sure they'd be fine with changing my booking from a double-bed room to a two-single bed room, as long as i give them 24hrs notice.

markterei, let me know.
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

No worries, might be best to get good night sleep, so I will book a single now.

In my defence, apparently I only snore when I've had a bit to drink. At risk of making things sound worse for myself though, I'm also fairly easily let to a few drinks. haha

Cheers for the contact Will, get in touch with you guys soon.

^^ LOL, I love your honesty dude. Eye-wink Hey i found a place for you to sleep...

Drunk FailSticking out tongue

BTW just found out that to change my booking to a possible twin-share is a $25 admin cost. Its still only $60 each in a twin share after the admin charge.

Anyway, back to work we go..
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

phew! i never thought i'd see the day, but it's all on boys! really looking forward to it. well done with the comms.

re accomo - i don't snore and i'm definately keen to share a room with you starship (makes sense since we're sharing car too). please go ahead and book if you still want.
re cars - don't stress about your oil change starhsip, i don't mind driving either. i looked at the route and it's tricky to decide which one of us is more 'on the way'. so lets just talk about that on the phone fri night.
re captain's fuel pay offer - don't be silly, enjoy that free ride.
re music starship - some of my favourites include rise against (hardcore), urthboy (hip hop), the cure (pop), cold chisel (80's), sneaky sound system (dance) and sparkadia (nostalgic). so, what i'm trying to say is bring any cd wallet and i'm sure we'll be fine. i'm liking cog lately.
re contacts - my mobile phone no. is on my profile for all to see.
re snoring - i have made a mental note to make sure i get captain on a couple bevvies sat night so starship and i can enjoy the entertainment of a domestic next door when sonic can't get any sleep.

see you all sat AM for some singletrack and pies.

im leaving collaroy at about 5am and have room in my van im traveling down with wife and 7yr old daughter for a weekend of hopefully great action happy to take anyone left out without transport coming home after the sunday finals

got room for another bike if need be

Hello and thanks! (markterei)

I am heading to Canberra as i have my bike and it's all working!

I have replied to Captaintumeke’s private message and he know's my situation! I can’t commit to giving anyone a lift as I’m waiting on a mates work load schedule, he seems to think his answer will only come on Friday night!!
I only come back to Sydney (Greystanes) on Tuesday the 2nd, which I imagine might not help anyone else?
Would love to meet everyone and go for a group ride….I think there is another thread for me to comment in about that?? Or can someone point me the way to it > > >

I'll call you on Sunday morning when we arrive at Stromlo. We will meet up to watch the festivities! Smiling

Hey Jeeten, this is the ride thread as well bro. 10:30 Sat at Majura Pines if you want! There will be a few of us. Hope you can make it.

Yip, just updated the thread to show ride time and meeting point. The original ‘loners crew’ have organised rides and accommodation for Saturday and will meet at Majura Pines at 10:30(ish). This ride is open for everyone to join.

If anyone still needs a ride, there are a few offers still coming in, so feel free to post or find a contact here.

I'm searching for Majura Pines trail maps. I'm more partial to a downhill than undulating single track. But I think Majura caters for all riders. Does anyone know these trails?

Thanks to everyone for offering rides! Going to be a great weekend.

Hi, we're leaving at 7:30am tomorrow, if we don't make it by 10:30 at Majura pines, just go ride at meet back at the NOBMOB meeting point every hour. Cheers

if you're looking for trail maps of Majura you can find them on the CORC site

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