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Highland Fling

By christine - Posted on 25 July 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

One of my friends said he is doing the Highland Fling in, whilst I have no intention of riding 100ks I was wondering if anyone had been down or was going down - I believe they also have a 50k ride and thought I might go down and suss that out for trying it next year...however, I haven't heard of it before - any inside information would be great!
Thank you!


yeah we did it (the 100k) last year (Liz and I) and a bunch of others - I think Pikey, Leigh and Robin. Also Martine, who rides occasionally with us

Here's your challenge, do the 100k - it may take you 8 or 9 hours, but some good training rides of 40-50k between now and then would set you up. It's nowhere near as hard as the dirt-works.

There is no way I am taking up THAT challenge! Smiling I thought I was being supremely optimistic to even consider the 50k!!!! - how long would the 50k take to do for a slow coach? I don't want to ride for 8 or 9 hours

And what's wrong with riding for 8-9 hours? Eye-wink

Ok, Ok - The Fling is based in Penrose/Wingello state forests (Wingello write up here) so isn't that hilly or technical. Think about doing Terrey Hills Perimeter+Long 3 times with a lap of Sandy thrown in and you're probably there (although really - there's nothing as rocky as Sandy Trail and but there is one steep climb on the course).

You know you want to - there's nothing better than the satisfaction of completing a 100K event and this is the one to start on (rather than the mental Dirtworks).

I did the Fling last year as well and came first in my category Smiling)

... time taken was 8 hours 40 mins... was a beautiful ride... gorgeous country and much nicer that the dirty old Dirt Works which took me 9 hours 20 minutes six months earlier.

You should give it a go... it's not that har. You just need to do some X Country training in the 3-4 months before hand...


Ah, Liz, so modest as ever... doesn't want to mention she won her class!

Here are our 2005 Fling results.


I did the Fling last year with only about 6 months practice.
Whilst it did take me close to 9 hours and 5 kg's off my weight and me needing the next two days off work, (due to not eating and drinking enough) I was happy I did it.

Given your fitness level right now there would be nothing hard in you doing the 50km lap (in 4 months time). We would give you drinking and eating tips to help you through.

The fact that you are enquiring tells us "YOU WANT TO DO IT"

Don’t be a quitter with four months of training still in you.
That goes for all on the mailing list!!!!!


Greg (Pikey)

You are right...I am a bit keen but only for the 50k - I was out last night and may have recruited (threatened) a friend to train and do the ride with me...however, the idea of doing the Terrey Hills laps three times isn't overly tempting...and I suppose I will have to do the horrid, and until now, totally avoided Cascades for hill work...humph!
Any training tips greatfully received!


It's just about time we got started for this years event.
It's a great challenge both physical and mental. After the first one (as it was for me) I think that you know better how to prepare.
So I would recommend plently of long hills. That is what I will concerntrate on this year.
Oh, if you want to go down for a ride. Take a darn good map, a compass and a GPS if you have one.

If you need further details on the Highland Fling check out their web site here:

Highland Fling


Has anyone seen the postcards advertising the 2006 fling? Does the bike look familiar? No?

Before the shot was photoshop'd and the number changed to 2006, I do believe it used to be number 256!

OK, the same picture by a pro (as on the postcard).

Cool Eye-wink

Good 100km ride. One really long down and up in the middle. Not a cruise but not particularly hard. VERY pretty. Take the time to get off and look - it's worth it. 2 of my mates (40s) who had done about 2 months of MTB did it last year and finished (8hrs I think). Don't go fast - just keep going at a constant manageable pace. Remember that walking up hills is OK - rests the back muscles. EAT - every 30mins take a Gu. DRINK - SIP every 5mins. And stop and rest if you want to. The last 1.5hrs are always hard - it's a mental thing. The legs will keep going as long as you tell them to. If you give up, they give up.

Good luck

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