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Ah!! dez got a road bike

By dez_b - Posted on 12 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Gone to the dark side and picked up my first road bike on Monday
Eee gads the dedicated DH boy have I gone mad no!!!
Not your usual scummer ride though ...............
check it out here:

My new roadie


Used to get around on a motorized SS before upgrading to a pedal powered SS.

My Old Roadie

Oh yea and thats a nice bike you have got there.

this is what I call REAL bike porn!

You've got me started now Smiling

Nice Roadies

Back in my motorised days this little beauty won all the TRIALS World championships

...Spanish-built Bultaco Sherpa 350 cc, <80 kgs (!), 6 speed, torque to pull out stumps...

Then they went belly up as all the japs copied the frame geometry and fitted their reliable engines... Sad

Recently they re-invented themselves and re-launched as Sherco...

May all your lines be the right ones...

gas gas is where its at lol, nice duke

Dez_b....U bought a bike...I sold a bike! Gone are my days of motorcycles, "" Long live Pedal Power ""!

 R1 for pedal POWER!!
[image:5546 size=inline]
Wheel UP!

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Eye-wink
dez careful mate, lets not forget you mtb rep!

Hans, I share your enthusiasm for the Bultaco Sherpa, I had a 1977 Sherpa 326 (in red), which I cut my trials teeth on when I was young, quite brilliant bikes. It could literally ride up walls and back down them, I've never known a bike with more flywheel effect.

Right.. enough about motorbikes, thanks for sharing though Smiling

Hey Rob!
Sounds like there is capacity for another new Nobmob section.
Apart from MTB and scumming there seem to be a lot of 'heavy' bikers out there Smiling
Christine you could be the moderator Eye-wink

and only real road bikes would be allowed!!

.. like mine...??

that would be accepted!!

This is a bike!

Monster bike

that one DOES NOT make the grade
nuthin sexy about... Smiling


... and I was always told size doesn't matter! The truth hurts Eye-wink

This was my latest one which is no longer Sad

My Toy

For a bunch of mountian bikers there sure is a few road bikes!

What about one of these anyone? I saw Hans's trials bike...very nice.


this was when it was new. Has alot more scratches now!

...thing is, you all look really cute when you are on trail bikes but road bikes (the real ones) are just far more sexy... Smiling

I'm sure by the weekend every member with a motorbike would of posted a pic!! haha

How about motard?? I reckon they are pretty darn sexy! And alot more fun in the twistys on the road than those heavy clumsy road bikes!


DUCATI .. who can go past one of those and they just sound so nice... Smiling

Look - let's have a competition... best motorised scummer... winner gets Blondie as their pillion on the weekend...? Eye-wink

Or is that more of a booby prize? Sticking out tongue

'booby' was probably not the best word there Rob!

How so? And I always pick my words so carefully too! <feigns innocence> Eye-wink

Would you rather be referred to as a 'Wooden Spoon'?

Observed trials is more PC. I guess as long as it's conducted in a designated area its OK. I've watched a couple of interesting Trials comps at Arcadia and at Pacific Park recently.

Check the similarities to MTB - it's all about balance, momentum (and courage).

Low standover height and low weight helps, too! Eye-wink

Pacific Park:

Rgds, Hans

May all your lines be the right ones...


How do you like my escape machine? I gets me going everywhere.

I like my bikes slow, pre-loved and dependable. Actually that's my recipe for most things I like

..or happily, as the case may be that link doesn't work for me... and Beany are you suggesting i am particularly slow?

Hey Hans, if you like trials check this out, the last scene is just rude Smiling

Could watch this stuff for hours!
Also I prefer the sound of the rear hub 100 times over the noise the motor cycles make! Eye-wink
Love it Smiling

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