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Now that's service (Jenson Rocks!)

By Rob - Posted on 13 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Some of you might have heard... the drive side crankarm on the Truvativ Elita cranks on my crosser came loose recently. Press fit joint where the spider joins the axle or something. Slightly annoying, but I picked up a bargain crankset (Rouleur - actually the model above Elita) for around 90 bucks from CRC (whopping 75% off or something at the time). These are good as gold so far.

The Elita were not that old mind, so I wrote to Jenson (where they came from - attached to the crosser) who gave me an RMA for return. Back went the crankarm (I kept the BB, rings, etc.) and when I got home just now... happy days... I have here a brand new SRAM S550 crankset (inc BB). Cost about 25 bucks to return the arm but Jenson covered shipping out the new one.

Credit where it's due and all that... how good is that for service? Jenson Rocks!

I bought a spare battery for my lights from Jenson along with a ton of Gu (<$1 each). The battery was a return and had been reduced but when it turned up it was the wrong one and of no use to me. I phoned up Jenson and complained and they asked me to take a photo of the battery and would then provide a refund. I said that I was out of pocket with the P&P as well and they quickly agreed to refund that as well. They told me to keep the battery and so I passed this on as a freebie to a friend of mine. I was unable to get a replacement but at least I was happy with my stash of Gu. Just a shame the exchange rate has made them less attractive to buy from.

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