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Mtb Frame

By Tim - Posted on 10 August 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


anyone got a old MTB Hardtail Frame, medium, with rack holes on the rear triangle ? Want to do some touring.



Hi Tim,

Sure you've heard of this, but why not consider a BOB trailer:

Found this from an Aussie store search:

Looks cool for touring, plus I'm guessing these would be OK for dualies too? And when you're at the destination you can disconnect it and hit some single trail Smiling

Not convinced how easy/hard these are to pull, but I read on MTB-OZ the other night some crazy dude did a 200Km ride towing one, so how hard can it be? Eye-wink

I have a crazy friend cycling from the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska and he is using a BOB at the moment. I think he managed to overload his steel frame.

Check out his site:

He is a bit excentric but check out his travleblog link at the bottom of the page, I am a bit jealous.

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