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Bike Transport bags

By pieboy98 - Posted on 18 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Gday Everyone

Am just wondering if anyone has bought, used or could recommend any bike transport bags
for use on planes, trains etc

Have tried the old bike box from the LBS job before

any ideas would be great


I think I saw some on T7 on sale.

yes, I know, German again... but it was given to me...
It is very tricky to get a MTB in there, had to take the derailleur and front brake of to get it in.
If you buy one, Make sure it fits a MTB!
PM me if you like to use it on a one of bases. Steve01, that's the one!!!

If you use a softbag, make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap to protect your deralleur etc. I find that a cheap pool buoy is perfect to fit between your forks and you can use some foam piping from the hardware store (cut one side open) to protect your frame.

If you have an expensive bike, so might want to consider a hard case.

Make sure it's a hard case. i transported my road bike in a soft case and it come out the other end with broken forks and a broken rear derailleur.

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