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Advice for a track newby..

By mtbasn.alex - Posted on 19 November 2008

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Advice for a track newby..

Hey guys i'm going to try track out on Friday night at lidcome I have never raced or even riden a fixie much at all. I am borrowin an old one off a mate..

Does anyone have any advice? thanx


1. Don't stop pedaling
2. Have fun
3. Don't stop pedaling
4. Don't pass on the inside
5. Don't stop pedaling
6. If the guy in front swings up and you're in second wheel don't swing up with him.
7. Don't stop pedaling
8. Keep your sprint nice and straight

Lidcombe is a flat track so you don't need to worry about banking. For your first week, sit back and watch what happens during the races from the back (or the middle if you are comfortable) of the bunch. The races will seem short and easy, but by the end of the night you'll know you've been racing.

And remember don't stop pedaling

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