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garmin 705 help

By GAZZA - Posted on 22 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

as most of you know, i work with wood and not with computers like the rest of you on here. i purchased a garmin 705 a while ago and have managed to download all the extra maps onto it but i cant unlock them from it. whenever i turn it on it says 'cant unlock maps'
can anyone please p.m. me and explain (as if you were talking to a very simple person) how to do it? or even better, could someone do it for me?
yours frustratingly,
p.s. im not simple really, id like to see some of you lot come to my workplace and get your heads around what i do somedays! Eye-wink

Can't help you with the GPS gazza but you get "nuff respect" from me working with your hands, many times I have sat at my desk all day and wish I could do something handy like you. When the plug finally gets pulled people with the manual skills are going to be laughing, I just people like me will know what to do Smiling

Dylan (who still collects steam engines)

i think youre right though. i feel fairly secure at the moment in the building game(at least for now). ive got about 18 months of work ahead of me at the moment and its not looking like its gonna change. mmmm, more work = more bling!

Hi Gazza...happy to help with the705 - give me a call or drop the unit off and I'll install it for you.

Maybe we can do a trade...I need some carpentry stuff done...(no obligation) Eye-wink

Rgds, Hans

May all your lines be the right ones...

due to work, family, chiro and mega training schedule ive made a pact not to get my tools out after work hours(ask kathy how long its taken to half build the garden furniture!) i'm more than happy though to trade beer/wine for maps? let me know if you're happy with that and when you can do it mate,

OK - drop it off on the weekend (PM me for address) and I'll have it back to you by Wednesday.

Don't worry about the beer/wine. Was just kidding.

Rgds, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

i'll be more than happy to trade a bottle of nice wine mate. let me know, red or white?

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