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My first website

By mtbasn.alex - Posted on 28 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys I've been building a website about my riding etc.

Could you just check it out see what you think.



That looks far too professional for anyone who rides with us! Eye-wink

Bloody hell - and what are all these podiums on the results page?!

Nice work mate!

Particularly love the mention your last sponsor gets, that one's essential

.. very good!! u r the man.

Is what it's all about Stu... Eye-wink

Good job Alex! The site is clean and easy to navigate (no friggen dancing bears and flashing text).

Introducing a background colour or using colour to 'help' to focus on the important bits may also be something to consider.
Also think of using thumbnails (introduce js/css to preload the larger images) on the gallery so one doesn't need to scroll (try and limit the need for scrolling at times, where possible), especially if you are going to add images to the current gallery page or arrange them chronologically.

Drop me a line if you need a hand with anything...

Mate, you don't need to be good when you look good. Unfortunately you have never learned this lesson. But luckily our friend here has both bases covered. Eye-wink

Nice site. Maybe you should scroll through the personal websites of some other sporting professionals? Even if only for ideas? Remember me when you are famous.

Ditty, what has he got that it don't (and more)

Great site, Alex. Very clean look with sans serif font and lots of white space. The short descriptions of what your sponsors offer are pithy and to the point without being too salesy/pushy - consistent with the "let the results speak for themselves" approach you've taken with your racing CV.

Well done!

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