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GPS Garmin? Best from OZ riding please

By NicNak - Posted on 09 December 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi ,
We have moved here from the UK and although the trails are great the maps are not. We have noticed that many of NOBMOB use a GPS to know what and where. Are there any models that are reccomened for trails please? Which are the best for setting up route maps from the web? Issues like software, cost battery life and weight all spring to mind.

Any suggestions welcome.


Bl00dy hell - more poms! Eye-wink

To be honest, depending on where you go you might not need a map or a GPS. So I have to ask - where are you going to ride?

Cheaper than a GPS - the Dept of Lands NSW topo maps from any map store are worthwhile. You can also view them online at

We've had a couple of threads on GPS choice:

Edge 305 or the 'newer' Edge 705 seems to be popular...

Welcome NicNak

As junkie suggested the Edge units are really popular with the nobmobers, and you will see the cool post ride maps on this forum. I have been able to do without one, for the most part, by tagging along on the rides and learning the trails. That said my phone has Google maps which is surprisingly good at helping you out of a spot, as long as you have phone coverage. Combined with a print out of the decent routes on this site it works well.

Otherwise I use some software called GPSTuner that you import the routes from Google Earth but it's not as easy to use as the Edge, might be a bit nerdy. If you are into that sort of thing I can give you more info, or talk to Rob - he set all that up Eye-wink

I've just purchased a 205 which is great for the cost. The 305 adds a HRM and Cadence sensor from memory but if it's mainly about the route, the 205 is fine. I use a site called to either upload KML / KMZ files into Google Maps (from NOBMOB) and then download into the Edge, or you can create your own trails too.

The 205 / 305 do not have topo maps on the screen as you ride, but you can mark waypoints / POI as you go. It will also record your ride if you're just exploring for next time. These can be uploaded again to gpsies and saved, or you but Ascent as a great program to track all your rides and performance in more detail.

If you want Topo maps, I think the 705 is the way to go but the maps are extra too and the unit costs more.

I'm having alot of fun with my iphone and the trailguru application at the moment.
It maps my ride, including elevation and can upload your ride to its own site, Reasonably accurate for a free app. I compared it with my normal cycle computer and the difference over 20km was about 80m..
if you want topo maps google earth app for iphone also... and google maps... all there on my phone, with my music, all going at once.... yada yada yada... blah blah blah..

I've discovered and made my way on most of the trails here simply by printing out motion based google maps Smiling no need for a GPS!


I use the Garmin Etrex Vista HCX on every ride. It has Topo Maps, full Aust road map base, Plots your every move and records it, plots altitude, uses 2gb micro SD card with a backlit colour screen. All this can be downloaded to PC. It has turn by turn GPS routing if required like a car GPS. Yes it is expensive but I purchased from Ebay from Hong Kong and it was less than half local price. A great unit that does much more than I have listed. I use Duracell 2650mAh rechargeable AA batteries and they last around 20 hrs riding.

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