29er Gear

By Bernd - Posted on 19 December 2008

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Hi everyone,
just a quick one:
29er Gear!
I'm looking for:
- 29er Fork * looks like done! *
- 29er front wheel * still needed!! *
- 29er tyre * done *
and is anyone ordering from crc soon, I may get this one....
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?M... * done *
Let me know,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply's!!!!

Sent you a PM about the fork I have but also have a tyre Crossmark with a resonable amount of life left in it which you can have I will bring it on Sunday.

Am ordering a new wheelset from CRC next week
Can tack this on the end if you like

thanks a lot, look forward to Sunday!!

u r a champion!!
Yes, please get it for me:

Will order Monday
Probably won't see it till the first couple of weeks in Jan
Will keep you posted via PM

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