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Loz in San Francisco

By lozza6 - Posted on 05 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Managed to rent a bike in San Francisco to assist with touring the city and the Golden Gate bridge

$22 for a "standard" bike rental. I was going to take this option until I saw a 29er Gary Fisher! Laughing out loud

@ $38 I thought nothing of it and enjoyed my day alot more Laughing out loud

Here are some pics of me dicking around San Fran just glad to be back on 2 wheels again!

Loz, Golden Gate Shoreline Stoppie
Loz, Golden Gate Stoppie
Loz, Cable Car Stoppie
Loz, Stoppie on Lombard, San Francisco's Steepest Street
Loz in San Francisco
Gary Fisher 29er San Francisco Rental

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Years!


They sure ride differently in San Francisco! Shocked
Do they know what the back wheel is for?

and then you can ask if they know what the back one is for

Sorry, childish humour, I know

Let there be light

He gets all excited about hiring a 29er to see how it rides, then spends all day on one wheel with the brakes on! Or standing next to the bike.

How did it handle Loz?!

He was trying to make it throw him over the bars but thats just not possible on a 29er.

I was far from going OTB, cos I was very aware that I did not want to hurt myself as I was about to head to Vegas for NYE!

The bike felt great however the rear brakes were shot being a rental and all....

It also had an EBB so was well out of place with its 27 gears!

Did not take it to the extreme as it spent most of its time on tarmac... nailed a few stairs n stuff but not much else....

Mind you I was in jeans and woollen gloves and riding with two complete rookies so it was more just a means for tourist travel...

yes yes stu.... SF is the gay capital of the world Sticking out tongue

Looza, we can swap stories of San Fran when you return!

Beany, I did not know you were that way inclined!! Sticking out tongue

But sure, we'll trade tales at the next ride you come to! Laughing out loud

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