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By delicious - Posted on 02 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Pedal is spelt as I've done here. The spelling peddle is not only incorrect, it refers to a different activity altogether. Therefore, when riding a bike, one is pedalling, not peddling.

to and too are two different words and few seem to care these days, that's the one that gets me. Eye-wink

I do care, as correct spelling is very important.
Some common errors, and not just on NobMob...
Breaks instead of Brakes.
Disk instead of disc.
Tires instaed of tyres.
Specialized instead of specialised (aside from the brand).
License instead of licence.
And a lot is two words not the more often found alot.
Some errors are American spelling which is fine if the user is American or their life is ruled by Microsoft.
And almost nobody on any website can correctly spell the word definitely. It astonishes me. It's simply the word definite with ly tacked on the end. It can't be that hard, surely.

Firstly, it appears we have ourselves another FAILED Specialized bike....
Sorry Geoff sell your bike immediately and go buy a Huffy (same bike actually, just cheaper to replace every six months) Smiling

Dear Delicious, People in glass house’s.......
“Tires instaed of tires” You must be spewing by now being our local wordsmith and all. Eye-wink
And (yes with a capital and starting a sentence) we Australian Americans spell our black rubber round things as TYRES.

Peter hurry up and borrow some lights so we can catch up on the Wednesday night rides.


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

Perhaps he is selling some wares from the back of the bike? Hence the peddliing!

Well done you can proof read; it’s a skill I’ve never been able to master. Unfortunately for me I can’t stand people who are more concerned about fluff than substance, they drive me insane (as clearly demonstrated by my need to respond) and I definitely wouldn’t want to go mountain bike riding with them, therefore I won’t be having anything further to do with this web site.

Doh! If the pedantic comments about grammar were not said in jest they are pretty poor form. It wasn't particularly funny if you were joking wither. And jokes are often lost in translation in a forum - you can't see the smile of the sender or read their body language like you can when you meet a stranger in a pub and give them some banter.

So take it easy, eh, guys? No more 'banter' with people you haven't met.

Anyhow, hope the spoke tensioning advice received before all that works out for you Geoff!

My comments were in jest yet Rob is right. Humour is often lost in translation when typed when the sender is unknown to the recipient. That said, spelling correctly is important and it isn't fluff. And I don't claim to be error free. I wouldn't criticise a typo though as that's rather different.
As for Geoff, well I certainly didn't expect you to become so upset so as to not have any more to do with the site, so for that I apologise. Look at the bright side. There are many riders here who don't insist on correct spelling at all. So you can certainly socialise/ride with them, yet it would seem that you'd rather not with me. No worries. This site is a fountain of very useful information and the people invloved are all of excellent character, and from time to time hand out a bit of sledging.
And as for you Lee. I'm not a twit or a numnut. Those comments were uncalled for. I was pointing something out. I was not name calling and I certainly didn't aim to be insulting.

the point is mate, someone jumps on this site, is probably a bit nervous to ask a question or join/organise a ride as most of us were at the beginning, and finds that a genuine question is met with a smart ass comment about correct spelling. This is a mtb site not an english lesson, and if your comment was in jest you need to see that it is not even close to being funny, and probably upsetting and offensive to newcomers..frankly its upsetting to old comers too that get unwanted opinions about irrelevant issues as some of us have before..theres nothing wrong with a bit of debate imho, but your going to be met with a bit of contempt across the board with comments like that. Even if you didnt mean to be insulting, it certainly seems like you do..maybe you need to address your own web communication techniques? then again if you DID mean it, then what lee said Sticking out tongue

Ass as in 'smart ass' should probably be spelt 'arse'. Not to worry though, as this is an mtb site and I agree completely that the content should be kept pure. Therefore I'll keep the incorrect spelling can of worms firmly closed in future. It seems to be touching some raw nerves out there, hitting too close to home.
Be sure to get those English lessons though, Alex. There's bound to be a site out there just for that purpose, which will suit you nicely.

Play nice. Cool

If someone suffers a bit of foot in mouth, I really don't think we need to carry on like this. We started with 1 victim? We now have 2. I also feel Geoff over reacted at the start and a few more people have since.

U gyus crakc me up.

So mcuh aggro oevr scuh a litle thnig.

As lnog as the masesge gtes ascros who craes.

Roger Roger

at work, this thread was so entertaining!
Delicious! you crack me up and I don't remember reading anyone apolgise as much as you have on this thread and in your defense, Delicious is a great guy and very nice to ride with and good company - (stuart and bernd... I still love you too!)
Anyway, thank you all for the entertainment and I am sure Geoff will be back - no one in their right mind would drop an entire community for a misunderstanding, besides, I am quite sure he would have cruised about the site before he posted which means he would recognise we all give each other heaps...
have a good night everyone and happy new year!!!

MEEEE Smiling

Next time we ride together the English lessons are on me. Australian English is the superior variant after all...

I have asked him more than once to make windows word (and hence, spell checker) our typing program.
He is the bad guy here, untill the program change is made he should withhold all posts until we whips out his
Webster’s dictionary and makes such corrections so as to avoid and further confrontation.
Rob.....?????? Sticking out tongue

Anon Eye-wink

The Liver is Evil and must be punished

"Australian English is the superior variant after all..."<

Mtae you is SO tripping.. and stuff Smiling

Durh! Wise up people - any decent browser has a spell checker. Don't tell me you are all on IE? Haven't we had this conversation? Sticking out tongue

Update for Groover... get the Aussie dictionary here:

You could go the Queen's English too - but Aussie is close enough and it's where we all live, right? Eye-wink

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