By Bernd - Posted on 09 January 2009

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have a look at this "white" bike......

I think I'm in luv!
If only I could get a white carbon Lefty...

Side note - I may have found my next tyres! Whitewalls are making a comeback!

Meh. Not fussed. Nice bike for a pro XC rider though.

and EURO 4900 , which is about $ 600,876.56 Aussie hahahaha
its about AUD $ 9610 !!!!

that is what George is looking at... hmmmmm

... would suit him fine!!!

It would match his shoes nicely.

that one:
Stuart was after that frame a year or so ago..........

Those white tyres have a kinda hypnotic effect.

Nice looking bike I have to say.

all the white will be a pain to clean after muddy rides! Though it does look stylish Eye-wink


EURO 65 they are....AUD $ 128 for the 2!!
I could bring a pair back in March!!! I may need a pair for the white F A T , toooo!!!!!

To buy a bike like that, you better have the elite skills to ride it. Otherwise you look like a tosser.

Ppl with white bikes (and white accessories) look like tossers?

But I would want the UST version.
Had a look at the Continental site and they don't seem to have any... come to think of it, they didnt have any black/white tyres in the XC section...

Bike riders which are on white bikes just have to be fast......
or getting fast/ter!!!

... sent a e-mail to Conti, to see which shop has them in stock, I'm onto it, as I would like a pair, tooooooooooooooooooo
they where made for corratec specialy!, but I found one shop which sells them already!

I am not referring to white. Just the kind of bike that it is.

Surely your XC race bike is as well specced as that.

Yes Bernd I was looking at those frames, but then I found one that looks better and cost me half what those theives wanted, remember.

I notice you haven't linked teir "Bow" bikes at all, is that because they look truely shite?

Let there be light

... looks like you do not like corratec anymore!!!
the bow bike does look different...

I did like the other frame until they wanted to charge, what was it, almost 80% of the total rrp bike cost just for the frame, and she claimed we were being offered wholesale prices

Let there be light

... for the "German Bike Shed" to open and these are the bikes on offer at very, very high prices!!!! (German) (Austrian) (Swiss)


I found the UST one!!!! by the way, it's a special limited edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but it is EUR 34.50 each!!! sorry... I have to order from that shop (sooooon), ROHLOFF CHAINS....., so no prob to get it for u and bring it back in March!

at 9.45kg and AUD $ 6900.....
and look at the tyre!!!!!

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