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By Boulder - Posted on 12 January 2009

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Hey everybody,Boulder here

right now i have a shabby old helmet that is falling apart, the reason why is because its a three yr old helmet from BIGW.

i have looking for a good MTB helmet for a while now ( that is not a fullface helmet) and i am not sure which brand is the best for just doing weekly cross country stuff like manly dam. my price range is around $80-$100 so if any of you could please give me a bit of advice, that would great.

Thanks everyone

Best to try them on before you buy. XC style helmets are not all similarly shaped, so your best bet is to head out to a LBS and try some. I could recommend Bike Addiction, Belrose Bikes and Cranks as decently priced places to go with good service. Smiling You should be sure to find something for about $100. Oh, and ze crazy German flatmate recently purchased a good one from Anaconda too. They will have a large range.

Things to look out for are how much air your lid is going to let in (ie bigger holes = more air = cooler head), how durable it is (ie how much plastic(?) covers the foam inner to protect it when it knocks around in your car boot), and how easy the helmet is to adjust. Also do you want a visor?

Apart from that it's about comfort and looks. I've got a small head and most things look shite on my bonce, so I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. I was baptised as a Metrosexual at birth.

ahhhh, bike addicition, i go their all the time, thanks 4 the advice


lol, thanks mate, everyone always comments on my head being a weird shape, so u are not alone, my helmet rite now is to big aswell so i have to wear a hat underneath, so i would be used to a visor.

thanks, cya

Go to any bike shop that sells Specialized bikes and they could very well also sell Avanti bikes. This means they may also sell Avanti helmets. They have a good model called a Sonic, comes in a few colours and is comfy and costs $60.

I can recommend the Fox Flux. It offers good protection around the rear of the head and is a very reasonable price (can't remember exactly though).
It sounds like you are falling off a bit at the moment, at least till you sort your pedals out, so this could do well for you Smiling
It doesn't vent as well as some of the lighter lids but it's still not too hot.

I bought a Bell Slant instead (about $100), but in hindsight should have stumped up the extra %50 for the Flux. Cammo looks good


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