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SOLD! Brand New, 'Large' 2008 Scott 24 Hour Jersey

By Rob - Posted on 13 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

CORC recently had a clear out sale at which I bought a few items. Sadly the 'Large' jersey ordered is more like 'Medium' so is a bit too snug for me.

So anyone enter the event (or want to pretend they did) and want to take if off my hands for 50 bucks?

It's 'Large' (more like medium) white with white on black 'SCOTT' on the sides and 'Ride.24.08' across the chest, 'A decade of dirt' on the back. Red highlights on the sleeves. Large red mud blotch on the back top. Usual sponsors logos everywhere. Oh, surely you've seen them? Eye-wink

Here... on page 5:

Note you get free shipping Eye-wink

Update: Sold to Supagav. Cheers.

I will take that top off your hands for you... Thanks

i will take it off your hands Rob if it doesnt fit supagav


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