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Another nobmob kit order anytime?

By LadyToast - Posted on 13 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Rob.

Will there be another order going through for Nobmob kit I wonder? I should probably make an effort for Toasted at the Sydney 24.

I am also in need of a set

I also want to get some kit.

When I showed her the pic of Greg, Gary and Paul in Enduro, my wife asked why I didn't already have a MoB jersey.

I think Rob said we need 15 orders for a re-run. With 400 odd new members since the last kit order it shouldn't be too difficult.


I want to get a set or two

Another one for a Jersey in a large this time.

I'm not overly impressed with the Scody knicks but we can get some more jerseys for sure. There was talk of getting a custom design but can't see that happening any time soon Sad

If you've already commented on this thread please edit your comment and put in the size/quantity if you didn't already.

Will edit the main post and put a running total in there. Pricing would be as per the second order (where this thread started).


1 Jersey size Medium please.


Hi Rob,

I would be keen for 1 x Jersey in Large.




I dont ride my bike, my bike rides me... we are currently in counseling...

i suppose i should get one also since i am in a Nobmob team at the mont

1 x Medium Jersey please


1 x Ladies knicks - small

Thx, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

...forward to see u in the small Ladie's knicks!!!!!
That would make GAZZA look good!!

Are we goinf for different colours?

Please put me down for 1x Jersey in Medium

Put me down for 1 jersey

There is a long sleeve, loose fitting, full custom jersey on the way. Think DH but with attitude and a NobMob flavour (no, not a copy of the lycra one)

The design is not yet finalised but is well on the way and what I have seen does look incredibly good.

I hope this doesn't put anyone noses out of joint but, bearing in mind what happened last time this type of thing was openned up to the masses for discussion / input, that will not be happening again. When the design is complete and orders are ready to be taken, then a picture will go up on the site for all to see.

I just wanted to let everyone know so that if you were strapped for funds after christmas, you didn't jump in and order something as a "half measure", not knowing there was choice on the horizon.

Let there be light

on the very same topic

Let there be light

how about someting like this?

THE FAT CYCLIST (M) Style# T608J15
Whether you're packing heavyweight horsepower of your own or just like reading Fatty's blog, the Fat Cyclist jersey makes a statement. That statement is, "I am both very sexy and endearingly self-deprecating."

May all your lines be the right ones...

Bernd, you can be one cool co-ordinated FAT dude in these clothes.

1, possibly 2 medium jerseys
(Depends on the price)

in pink, tooooooo!!!!

we should definitely go for pink!!!


Let there be light

But for some reason never got past the design phase... Eye-wink

Without wishing to open up the can of worms, what is required for a redesign? Just out of interest Smiling

Adjusting a template (from a clothing company, as with the current design) or starting from scratch...

It depends on how much choice you want and whether everybody's suggestions can/will be incorporated into a jersey (just look at the XC vs. DH/freeride spilt) and how much you are willing to pay...

If you're talking about adjusting the current design i.e. colours, then it's a piece of cake as I have all the design files and can do it in a few minutes...
If you want a 'new' design, then it's a case of choosing to have everyone's input (and it may take a while to incorporate this) or a select few coming up with a design and presenting it to the MoB as-is.

I'm more than happy to lend a hand either way, if this is what ppl are after... either way I think this should be a separate topic to this thread as not to confuse those who want to order the current kit...

it was hard enough the first time, can't imagine doing that again!

So we are getting pink jersey then Puzzled

Happy with any funky colour combination. Yellow and turquoise look great together! I'm just a little over the blue and grey...

Let's get a red/celeste combo Eye-wink

Thanks Shaun

I too would like a different colour scheme, perhaps replace the blue with the same red as this website?

Oh no, what have I started?

Size - um I'm a 44" chest, have grey eyes, I'm a Virgo and I like mountain biking, collecting My Little Pony lunchboxes and sleeping in the nude, except on Sunday night when I have to wear a cassock due to my employment contract.

Probably an XL or XXL then.

Think Pikey's size but with the larger portion at the nipple end rather than the belly button end, if you know what I mean.


1 x large nicks
1 x XL jersey


No, no... the design is not up for debate. Sticking out tongue

If any colours are to change, the website will become current jersey blue. You wouldn't really want a jersey this colour, would you? Barf!

No not really, I was just being difficult.

Green on the other hand.... Laughing out loud

I'm 183cm tall and wear XXL everything. I have brown eyes, enjoy building little model aeroplanes, don't sleep in the nude as I wear one small item of clothing and I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
My 'Gong Ride' jersey is a massive 4XL and is really comfy. Make of that what you will. I don't often wear true cycle jerseys so I'm a bit daft about sizing.
Perhaps get me a Pikey size plus one.

..but that jersey design and colour scheme is a little nerdy and dated. It looks like you got your Network geek to do it for you.

IMHO a good jersey design needs to grab attention while at the same time having social currency for the MTB'ing sub-culture.

If I was designing it I would be thinking of blurred lines rather than the current shape/pointed patterns, you know overlapping borders like when the printing that doesn't line up. I would also want the design to be part of the statement not just a collection of shapes to colour in.

Colours - stay away from primary and fauve colours, go for something earthy or washed combined with camo - but not overdone 2 at most as well as black.

The jersey you have is designed for my dad, let your hair down and think of designing one for a twenty something.

Roger Roger

Well I like that jersey design and colour combination! What does that say about me?!! Smiling

thats no way to speak about our network guy!
the design is well accepted and very well known... those of us with jerseys would attest to the number of riders at events that recognise us and are envious of our slick outfits.
We at least recognise ourselves at events which in itself is very useful.
Everyone has their own taste, good or bad, and we just couldnt make 1500 different jerseys.

Do we question our favourite teams outfit (well ok sometimes) steeped in tradition or question the colours when we played our first team sport?
No room for fashionistas here!

Good feedback though!

This design was one from the Scody website
We didn't have an inhouse designer at the time
And I'm not sure if the cost for a custom design was more exxy
Leading to less people wanting to buy
'because I can buy a bitchin' TLD jersey from CRC for less'

I would like a more TLD design myself
But I think this design was more to identify us as a group
Rather than as a sub culture

and not to upset my mates who put a lot of time and effort into these tops but i must admit that i'm not that keen on the design anymore. I agree they do look a bit dated and could look a little more up to date and dynamic! Sorry guys!

Coming from someone who doesn't own one yet, the jerseys usefulness to me would be more about identification during a race (and in podium photos!!) rather than looking good in Milan. Personally I don't mind the design that much anyway...

That said I work for a media company and might be able to twist a designers arm to help us out, they are all bike mad here too which would help, if we did choose to go down that road. As others that have already been down this path have said though, it could be a painful exercise getting everyone to agree on the design. Are we up for that?

1. Who will design it
2. Who will organise it
3. How many will pay for it

1. I believe Ditty is organising a more DH type jersey
Perhaps this design could be adopted or modified for the tight fit look

2. Ummm...any takers. May take more than 1 person

3. Well, I'm going in for Ditty's DH jersey
And I have my XC Nobmob jersey for events
So I'm on the fence for the moment

re Dylan's reply who answered some of this
I don't think we're that fussy really - just want a change
But then when I wear my old Nobmob jersey I'll feel like an old fart
Oh, dear. Decisions, decisions

"But then when I wear my old Nobmob jersey I'll feel like an old fart"
You r an old fart!!!! just like so many of us!!!


I don't mind the current design and agree with those that have said it's important to identify us as a group, I also think a DH/freeride style Jersey is a good idea as it's more MTB than our current Jerseys.
So I'm wondering if the new designs could still include some aspects of the old jersey so we still look like we are one group when wearing the 2 different styles?

My point exactly dude, it is a top a geri would wear, just check out the ages of those who have one.

Now don't get me wrong an older/retro look is not always bad, but there is a stylish older look and there is just the plain old look and face it the blue/grey/black/white colour scheme with a nuff nuff pattern wouldn't win an IDA.

"Viva La Revolución"

Roger Roger

Dh style jersey to reflect the current xc one but with the extra material it just looked shite.

There will still be something in common, it will nobmob on it somewhere, I am sure.

Let there be light

in case you haven't noticed.. NobMob isn't actually full of 20 somethings who ride with us.
the initial idea for the jerseys was simply for us to wear them at competitions...where, as Craig points out, we are now recognised. Turramurra dont' exactly have the trendiest tops but everyone knows who they are as the did an excellent job on 'branding'.
and, basically, if you don't like the tops - don't buy one.

Thank you for pointing out that I am indeed an old fart
But I don't want to necessarily FEEL like an old fart

In fact, every weekend when I wear my tight leather pants
Pluck the grey hairs from my chest so I can undo too many buttons on my shirt
And pull my Rhinestone belt a notch or two too tight
I swear I FEEL like a twenty something again

And yes, this is different to FEELING a twenty something again
Anyway, back to dreaming

Christine, if you want to be recognised as the off-road equivalent of a Volvo driver then go for it, there are also a lot more younger, switched on riders at NobMob than you think - get to know us we don't always bite.

I'm happy for you Mum's and Dad's to have a "lyrca cardi" to wear, I just thought maybe there should be a "hoodie" for the next gen to parade as well.

Note: the cardi / hoodie references are just metaphors for those retentives who take everything literally.

Roger Roger

Didn't you trade that loud ute thingy you had for a Volvo?

What have you started?!! Smiling

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