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Post your Jersery Order Here

By Rob - Posted on 15 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Due to the massive number of ramblings on the original thread, here's the one for clarification.

Pricing for will be as of last time worked out at $105.50. Yes, yes... it is a bit pricey. And some people think there is demand for full custom! Click on the picture for the sizing:

Final Jersey Design

Comment here with size/number if you want an original NoBMoB Jersey. All other comments will be deleted. To see how it looks, the one sported by these fine fellows:

Finished At Last

The end! Thank F%#k!

Yes, you too could... look like... erm... ;)

Order so far...

Andrew1 x XXL
Colt1 x M
Damien1 x L
daves1 x L
delicious1 x XXL
Don1 x M
Dylan1 x M
GeordieAndy1 x M
Graham1 x XL
jdb1 x L
lozza61 x M
Morgan1 x XL
Rob1 x L
Slowpup1 x L
unclebullbar1 x XL
Whisperer 1 x M

Total: 16

1 x Medium Please Mr Rob



1 x Large for me please.




Thanks Rob!

Unless it will make me look like those people in the photos, in which case I'm going bareback!


1 x large for me please.

Thanks Rob.

1 XL Jersey please Rob.

May I have one in a double extra large please Rob?

1 x Large
Thank you Rob.


Thanks Rob


Please Rob.

Thanks Rob


Any more for any more? They say 6 week turnaround but would be nice to have for Sydney 24 so see if that can be done.

Bump some more. We have spoken to Scody and this is busy time of year they say - it will be 6 week turnaround, which will miss the Sydney 24 sadly, but at least you'll have kit for the rest of the races this year Smiling

If this is too long to wait - I understand, comment with a "Too long :(" and will remove. Otherwise we'll put the order in Monday so any more be quick!

Ok, 1 x Medium for me. Cheers.


Order is in. Will be sending out a mail with payment gumf later (we had to pay 50% deposit, rest on delivery).

They have put a delivery date of 12/3 on this. Oh well - c'est la vie.

Rob, what's the standard deal with paying for the orders? Can or should I send you the payment now, or do we wait till they arrive?


I'll drop you all an email soon-ish. Don't worry Eye-wink

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