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By Bernd - Posted on 17 January 2009

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SS = Sweet & Simple
I took the soon to be 69er (went out with a 26" front wheel) for its first ride.
Sweet & Simple, need a lot more legs! for the hills...and need a wider Handle bar, as Damien suggested already!
I look forward to use it with the 29" front wheel soon.
Damien, it is a nice ride on a SS, I could get used to it!
I can understand you guys, Damien, Paul, Andrew... it is a nice, different kind of ride.
Lets see what the 29" front wheel and a wider Handle bar will do to it! The wider bar is defiantly needed!
Q: Which handle bar should I get?

or has someone a spare 660 / 680mm (25.4mm) handle bar?
I can offer a Easton EC 70 Carbon 580mm (25.4mm). similar to this one, but 2008 model.

Hey Bernd I would go the Salsa Moto Ace Flat bar in 11deg at 680mm width. I would stay away from the riser bars with the bigger 29er wheels as it will raise the front end just a little to much.

Damien, I'll get them in March, when my mate comes from NY.
The 580mm does not feel right when you get up a hill.
Makes sense, that you don't want to raise the front any more.
SS is fun!

Bernd , I have a 650mm, 700mm and 720mm bars all riser that you can try.

the 700 sound's like I should try! riser? 20mm?
Thanks, to Bri aswell, is yours a riser, too? 20mm?
Thanks everyone,

hi bernd, its a 660 lo rise monkey lite,not sure what the 2omm is though?

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