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Anyone know what goes on here?

By Rob - Posted on 21 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

While updating maps just now I noticed this quarry looking place that haven't really paid any attention to before:

This is on the South side of Mona Vale road on the bend by the junction with McCarrs Creek Road. Many of us know that corner, there's a sign there which says, "Looking East over Garigal National Park". Perhaps it should say, "You think there's a National Park down there, but really it's a BFO Quarry!"

Anyone know what this place is? Certainly looks active from the current satellite pictures.


at a guess

Let there be light

Interesting... I thought it might be a tip. Ah, and there is what looks like rubbish in the North. Rest of it looks more like a mining operation though. Maybe they need to dig up dirt to cover the rubbish?

Brisbane Water national park has a tip right in the middle of it too, does anyone spot a pattern? Sad

lets bury our rubbish somewhere away from human contact, a place no one will ever come across, somewhere that won't become a problem for future housing developments because of dangerous / toxic substances, somewhere that human entry will be forbiden for ever for all but a select few. Now what government controlled land fits that bill? Oh, I got it, our national parks

Let there be light

it is kimbriki and rob, if you drive down into it you'll see that it is just like a massive quarry. one you can throw lots of crap into! and the moan about a few mountainbike trails eh?

I'm thinking of some sort of campaign. It's a NPWS say, "Yes!" campaign.

Take a picture of all the good stuff that is allowed in National Parks. You know - big fat power pylons, sewers, camp sites, roads, fire trails, shops, houses, restaurants, kiosks, dams, weirs, etc, etc, etc. And then put that up next to something that's so hideously damaging to the environment it's banned - a 1m wide bike trail.

for a court defence should any one of us stray onto a newly illegal 1m wide bike trail.

I am sensing the rebel in you Rob, go on let it out Smiling


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

As well as a tip, Kimbriki is also a major recycling factility.
They sell old woods and timbers, mulch made from recycled vegetation, rubbles of various sizes recycled from construction material.
They also recycle paper, tyres, plastics, old toys, metal. Very sophisticated actually.

They also run workshop on the environment and local ecology

Ah yes, mulch from recycled vegetation. Includes grass and garden clippings from the fortnightly vegetation pickup? LOL! Hope you like weeding!

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