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I know what you mean Gav

By Stuart M - Posted on 23 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

In theory I should be 85kg, doing sub 40 min laps around the dam and waking up next to a beautiful woman most mornings of the week.

Saddly, reality has only delivered me one of those, lucky its the right one

Let there be light

But the rear would be a 32 so no weight advantage over a normal SS setup. Smiling

the only way stuart is gonna loose weight for racing is by stripping down his bike! Its much less painfull than going on a diet! Eye-wink


22 front 32 rear, haha Now that would be a spinny SS ride!

Yesterday there's talk of people having me banned and now today I try and help out a mate by finding what looks like a useful web page for him and it turns into a "Stuart's fat and needs to loose weight" thread. What's going on people? Eye-wink

Time will tell my little bald centerfold friend, time will tell.

How goes that new bike you're building? Have you found "the other half" of it yet? Eye-wink

Dylan, appropriate use of smilies?

Let there be light

So what do you wake up to on the other days of the week?

I'll let TBH know what you implied Eye-wink

Let there be light

Is it Sally?

I did hear lay down Sally has given up the oar to start cycling.

was that your influence Rob?

after all, she did influence you...

Angry Doctor: Rob....Oh Dear not again!

Sally Robbins Robin Rainton

Has a ring to it doesn't it Sticking out tongue

Totally! just 1 chainring, and for Stu it'll be a granny too Eye-wink

much lighter than a big ring Sticking out tongue

Someone, presumabley Mr Mod, has taken posts from different threads, lumped them all in together and out of order to change the way things read. That first post should have been about the fourth or fiveth one for starts.

This is why, in theory atleast, it is good that posts can't be changed once some one else has replied to it, as was one of the suggestions in the original thread that some of this came from. It's a pity that others see fit to circumnavigate this protection Sad

Let there be light

Alternatively, we could leave all the junk seen here on the sensible thread about someone's new bike? I think not as the poor buggers who are interested in a proper conversation would have to listen to all this cr@p.

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