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Snakes !!!

By Bikeboy - Posted on 26 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

After running over a beautiful brown snake yesterday on a firetrail in my neck of the woods (Campbeltown)and i was going too fast ( 30 odd k) nah read too scared, to look and see what it did after meeting Maxxis . I have noticed quite a few of these beautiful creatures and was wondering how many others have seen these guys around the tracks you ride this summer . Of all the snakes i have seen only one , a 2 metre plus black has reared up at me and just as quickly buggered off , it was bloody scarey and exhilarating at the same time ( just like me riding trails above my technical ability )

I'm lucky enough to have not yet seen any this season.

I know that people out before me yesterday saw a small brown snake and two large Black snakes sunning themselves on the trail at various points.

I love snakes, but the scare the crap out of me.

A long time ago at Red Hill I was walking the big climb out and trod on a red belly who was sunning himself. He reared around and struck, sinking his fangs into my leg armour. He actually got stuck and was writhing about and, once I composed myself, I had to grab his head and wriggle him free. He then proceeded to coil himself around my arm.
I also had elbow/forearm armour on and naturally, gloves. I unrapped him and flung him off into the bush.
He was just a little guy, perhaps 25cm. I'm glad I wear armour a lot.
There's no need to kill a snake, so please don't. Creatures such as this are really cool. Dangerous sure. I reckon leg armour is a good solution for this type of thing.

I almost ran over a huge snake on the oaks once and it had just started to rain . if it wasn't for my cleats i would've lept right off the bike whilst still riding!
From there on in every grey dead stick got wet and turned black and became an imaginary snake. what a day that was.
I guess its a bit like swimming and sharks. the more you think about it the worse it gets?
I do think snakes are beautiful however and lets be realistic... how often do people get bitten and how often do people die from snake bite?
I must go out and get that first aid kit I've been talking about Smiling

So far this summer i have ridden straight past a red belly black snake sunning itself on a trail at The Royal National Park. Realising what it was as i was over the top of it i yelled out to my mate "snake" by which time the snake had made its way into the bush. Adrenaline running through me i recounted what kind of snake it was to my mate and then realised how close i came to being bitten (yes a bit of drama on the trail)
2nd encounter was a little closer then the 1st. Riding approx 40-50km down a fire road in Mt Beauty (VIC) I saw something long & black along the road but was not too sure of what it was until i was within a metre of it, so i quickly pulled by shoes out of the cleats and raised my legs as far as i could and ran over the black snake (not intentional) then yelled out to my riding partner to check to see if the snake was wrapped around my bike, thankfully it wasn't. For the rest of the ride back i kept on looking down at my bike just in case, and the damn straps on my camelback kept on flapping about which i could see out the corner of my eye which really freaked me out.
No black snake hat trick for me thanks. Tip: pack a bandage on all rides and familiarise yourself with how to treat a snake bite!

Not sure if i am phobic, but possibly. I don't know how people live on farms with this constant threat in summer. My aunty lives on a farm and found a brown snake in her bedroom this year. As for me i recently ran over a big red belly at RNP without realising. The guy behind saw it and almost hit it too and just a month ago saw another big red belly at Orimbah too.
I find that i tend to do a bit more scumming this time of the the year, which is probably statistically more dangerous.
The Bandages are defiantly a must this time of year. A $5 bandage may save your life.....

I saw a juvenile brown arounf the Dam about 2 months ago. On the firetail section between The hill and the Boardwalk.

I also came across another at the back of Duffy's Forest on Sunday. Sadly it had been hit by something and was quite dead Sad

On my 2nd lap around, just before the #%*^%%#$@ rock garden (can you tell I ride a hard-tail? Sticking out tongue) I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, but didn't think anything of it.
Caught up with the 2 guys ahead of me just after that, and one says "Did you see that brown snake on the path?".

At the Dam I think the rabbits have more to fear from the snakes than I do...

...i changed my mind...what have you done today?

Not really mtb related, but definitely snake related.

Check out this story today on the ABC news website. 1.6m Red Belly eating a live 1.3m Brown Snake which after being eaten does a Houdini.

Worth clicking the link for the three photos

I think the moral to the story is, if your riding where there are brown snakes, take a pet black snake.

I'm going to have nightmares about snakes after looking at those photos, good pics though!

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