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GPS useability

By Driesdtl - Posted on 22 August 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi, Anyone that can give me some help please getting my Garmin Foretrex210 to talk to the PC to set up some rides on this site. Don't know if its the serial connection or the unit that's not working.


I think your model is the same as Fargs' GPS... is it? Q. for Fargs of course Eye-wink

Anyhow, we're not gurus here, but I see the Foretrex 201 is listed as supported by MotionBased, check here:

Their forums are also full of great info, I'm sure if you do a search things could get moving.

IMHO, the S/W that comes with Garmin devices completely sucks, but luckily MB is far better. It's my first port of call when downloading trails.

As for getting them up on this site - once in MB, I import them into Google Earth, polish up a bit (make sure there's no back tracking, label the trails where names are known, etc, etc) and publish with an overhead map & said polished KMZ.


I have the 301 and havent had any noticeable problems connecting. If you go onto Garmin they have released a software updater so that you can ensure your unit is upto date. You may want to also reload the Garmin PC software .

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