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Mont Warm up - Canberra weekend explorer 28/2 - 1/3

By craigs - Posted on 28 January 2009

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Saturday, 28 February, 2009 - 10:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Majura Pines
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Sparrow Hill
Meeting Point: 

Coming from Sydney, drive into Queenbeyan, turn left at the roundabout where Red Rooster is and stay on this road for about 11km. Park on the side of the road where the gate is. For better directions try this link CORC: Events: Race Venues.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Lets get down to Canberra for a weekend of exploration and training.
Having not been to Sparrow Hill I'd like to get down for an exploratory ride prior to the Mont and of course log a number of kays training.

Sparrow Hill Saturday
Majura or Stromlo or other Sunday

I'd expect it to be a fairly long days but with breaks here and there for food and water refils. Primarily this is a training ride but I would expect a fair amount of social activity as well.

If we get numbers with different aims we can split into smaller groups (maybe 2) as we have before to ensure everyone gets their fix. Can work that out closer to the day.

Accomodation will be at the Carotel at this stage where I have reserved 2 cabins at $244 each. 1 double bed and 4 double bunks so they sleep 9 or 10 if you are good mates.

Weather may play a factor but the booking doesnt have to be confirmed for a while yet.

***Opened up the numbers as most seem to be daytripping, remember to advise if requiring Accommodation
So click yes if you are coming and then post up whether you need accommodation.


Who's in?
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What's the food plan for Sat nite? Is the Carotel near an eatery?

I know i'm not able to join you lucky folk at any time over the weekend but food is something I do know.

My best advice for a group would be to head over to the Raiders club near Gungalin(?) Note that it is not near the actual Raiders Home Ground. Yes its a leagues club but given what we went through the last time a big group of us stayed down there it is the most convenient. Good choice, reasonable priced, cheap grog and enough room for you all to sit down together or on your own.

shouldn't take you more than 10 or 15 mins to get there from the carotel, unless you have Blondie sitting next to you giving directions.

did I mention cheap grog?

someone will have to join, $2 from memory, and then sign everyone else in.

Have fun, wish I was there

Let there be light

At least she was nice and stopped for directions. Cool

Weather Forecast for Canberra for the weekend:

Saturday - Mostly sunny
Min: 13°C Max: 32°C
UV: Extreme

Sunday - Mostly sunny
Min: 14°C Max: 28°C
UV: Extreme

Suggest to bring extra water + mid-day snacks/fruit - there is no shop or servo near Sparrow Hill.

Cheers, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

Plentiful nearby. Many options and the club is a good option.


Hey, to answer Hans' question a little better and to confirm, it would be wise to bring food for lunches as once out in the sticks riding there wont be much in the way of options. Typically we would stop at the track for a lunch break.

See you all there tomorrow am or Sunday.


Craig or Morgan
Will we need to pack bed linnen/sleeping bag and pillow?
I've started to pack and feeling pumped for the weekend.

Sorry Craig, not going to make it tomorrow - will try for Sun.

but take your sleeping bag if you feel more comfortable.
The carotel is quite well equipped.

Debs' eyeball' Mathias running a llttle late approx. 20 mins. C u there.

Hey craig thank's for a great weekend of riding,
i had a ball and i think a great time was had by


Thanks for organising, Craig. I had such a good time riding Sparrow Hill. My new favourite trail. See you Saturday Smiling

Craig et al

- thanks for a great ride and for organising the accomodation!

Sparrow Hill was great (despite having to ride it in the big ring Sad ), Majura was a nice change, too....with a complete different variety of trails - awesome. I'll take the family back there to explore that lower sniggle and single track. Eye-wink

It was also great to meet some new faces and friendly newcomers at the Lao/Thai restaurant - great food...and a table for 14! We'll have to remember this place for next time...

...and accolades to Tien to get us out of bed at 7 am on Sunday morning "for a pre-lap at Majura" ...after riding 50 kms of Sparrow the previous day....

Below are some of the crew rocking up at Majura at 8:30 am the next morning....

The Early Morning Crew at Majura - ready for a pre-lap

As Craig said...this was "two days of comprehensive good mountain bike riding" ;-)Eye-wink

Cheers, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

Thanks Craig for organising and Hans for the driving duties
Awesome trails at race pace with a great crew
Doesn't get much better than that

Thanks for organising a great weekend of rides even though I couldn't make Sunday. Saturday at Sparrow Hill was great with top company and fun had by all (even though I only had 3 hours sleep the night before...). Bring on the Mont! Smiling

It was indeed a fabulous weekend with lots and lots of sweet single trail, good company and a nice range of rider experience. Great to see some newer riders getting out there and hitting it up also.

We kept together well as a group at Sparrow and managed an average of 17Kmh over the day, not bad at all. This was a great opportunity to check out the potential Mont track or at least what to expect. A tad on the dusty side but hopefully Canberra will get some rain BEFORE the event Smiling

Majura was its good old self with the crew thrashing around some well known trails. A little later in the day the honourary roid boys took the trek to the top of the hill and took the top to bottom run. Average a little slower but there were a few great runs through the pine forrest with the order changing regularly.

There was plenty of obligatory bike talk, the occaisonal play time in the gullies, surprisingly few mechanicals (Hans chain, Joe's flat) and one crash worthy of mention. Thankfully no injuries. Bloot had a close shave with a tree but I'll let him tell that story.

Dinner at the Thai was great at the staged approach worked will in snavelling up tables as they came free. The mixed seafood was as hot as the sun, dont know where they got the chillis from. Might have been payback for the drop in of 14 hungry bikers.

Thanks all for a great weekend.


Thanks everyone for making it a great weekend away and especially Craig for posting the ride and organising accom. We had a great time getting together with everyone and riding the sweet single tracks of Sparrow Hill and Majura. Camping in the cabins and dinner at the long table was a lot of fun in good company. Thanks again Debs & Eyeball. Smiling

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