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How to carry a bike

By Rob - Posted on 31 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Top picture I found on the 'net just now:


and that looks like somewhere from where i'm from except there's no sheep shit on the road! Eye-wink

Is that a Specialized he's riding?

It is a Specialized and he's carryng some spares just in case

That's how I take my MTB into the shop. Put a strap on the seat and stem over the neck and carry it on the shopping bike to the bike shop.

Carrying a pricey looking MTB on a crappy bike gets you a lot of funny looks (along the lines of 'bike thief').

I remember reading something similar while living in Canada, where a guy in a team event in the rockies carried his partners bike (after she came off her bike and broke something) for some distance to finish the race....apparently the rules stated that the bike had to cross the line....crazy!!!!

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